Coming & Goings

Andrea Bogart (Abby, Candy) is said to be sticking around Port Charles for a while.

Daniel Benzali joins GH starting December 6th as Theo Hoffman. Theo is said to develop a friendship with Robin but there is more than what meets the eye.

Casting Call: There's a revised casting call on Showfax that has Lisa trying to get "Mark" to seduce Robin.
Mark's in love with Lisa. Apparently wanted to marry her. Lisa calls him up for a favor. Seduce Robin. Mark wants more than a weekend with Lisa as payment. Lisa says yes. Last line "on Mark, a player about to be played" The script takes place at Jake's and Mark already knows about Robin and Patrick. He calls Robin essentially frigid. Revised: He didn't want to marry her. Lisa just said she wouldn't and Mark says "do I look like the marrying kind?". Mark sounds like Lisa when she describes Patrick. Mark also knows Lisa's been stalking Patrick for years. Lisa's the only person he's ever been in love with. He's a pediatrician. The good news about the script it still refers to Patrick as Robin's husband. Mark's thought about Lisa for years. Not all the time, just random times. Then he goes into the waxing poetic nonsense about thinking he would see her in crowds etc...
Anthony Geary (Luke) Returns October 7th.

Andrea Bogart will play a hooker, (Candy) who is sent by Sam to help Michael through his sexual angst.

Massi Furlan (Giovanni Balkan) join's GH as the mysterious Balkan.  According to Massi's facebook he will first appear the 24th.

Sebastian Roche (Jerry) is said to return to PC on December 13 for several episodes.

Rebecca Herbst (Liz) Returns in October.

Megan Ward (Kate/Connie) will make her exit in October. She first joined GH in 2007.

Michael Sutton reprises his role as Stone Cates beginning September 28th.

Rebecca Herbst (Liz) is currently on maternity leave she will return to work early September.

Casting Call:GH is on the hunt for an intense, ruthless, 40-to-60-something year old male with an unmistakable presence. He will play the part of a Russian mobster with the power to put the squeeze on Brenda. The role is said to be heavily recurring for at least six months beginning in mid-November. GH hopes to cast the role with a well-established name actor.