Friday, September 7, 2012


Good By GH 3pm  It's almost an end of a era and hopefully on to a even better rebuilt show.   As a life long fan over the show I am really enjoying the new show dynamic.  Todd with Carly, and Sonny is just plain epic.  The witty banter brings a much needed light to the show which in recent past has been dark.  Hopefully the added promos and daily previews brings General Hospital forefront and will live on many anniversaries to come.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Garin Wolf will be replacing Bob Guza effective immediately.  Most of you remember that Garin Wolf took over during the writer's strike, and in my opinion did a great job.  Hopefully Garin Wolf can give us what we want, Love in the afternoon, and Save Our Soaps.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sean Blakemore On Contract!

Sean Blakemore (Shawn) is now on contract with GH.  I'm thoroughly intrigued with the idea of a potential relationship with Carly.  How would you feel if Shawn and Carly got together? Any potential Sharly fans out there?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Big Surprise Here, Adrianna Leon OUT at GH

Brook Lynn is going on tour and portrayer Adrianna Leon will be exiting General Hospital.  ABC Soaps In Depth is confirming the news that Adrianna has been written off GH. Wonder if they'll write Nikolas off with her. 

Spoilers 3/23

  • Sam's symptoms are finally diagnosed. 
  • Patrick is confused by Sam's results.
  • Sam talks Spinelli into attending a book signing.
  • Carly visits Sam to talk to her about the fertility procedure.

  • Carly receives a threatening message from Franco.
  • Carly begs Jason not to go after Franco.
  • Jax is not pleased when Shawn moves into the guest house to protect Josslyn and Carly.
  • Carly wants Jason to look out for himself. 
  • Carly realizes what Michael has done to clear her name. 
  • Brenda tells Sonny she wants to start a family but Sonny doesn't see things the same way when he notices Michael spiraling out of control.  
  • Suzanne arrives to PC with a surprise.
  • Suzanne tells Brenda what really happened to her son.
  • Lucian moves in with Sonny and Brenda.

Tyler Christopher OUT at GH

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) is out at GH no word as to his final air date but Tyler took to his twitter to issue an official statement:
"Commitment, professionalism and performance doesn't get you anything." 

Tyler recently shared with ABC Soaps In Depth and shares more about being let go from the popular soap General Hopsital:

"I was told that I would not be signing another contract," Christopher frankly declares. "I didn't see it coming." In fact, it was the actor's plan to remain with GH even while working on the upcoming new ABC Family series THE LYING GAME, where he's been cast as Detective Matthews. "A lot of people think that the reason I'm leaving is because I'm going on this other show. That's not the case," he explains. "I have zero idea of what my involvement with THE LYING GAME is going to be. I'm a character that may or may not be permanently involved. Leaving GH was not my choice. I wanted to stay and work out a deal, and that was not an option to me."

Brenda's Son Arrives in PC

Elvis Martinez (Lucian) joins the cast of GH starting Tuesday, April 5th as Brenda's son.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spoilers 3/16

  • Sam recalls losing her baby and her baby saving Kristina's life. 
  • Jason shares his regrets over not being Jake's father, with Sam.
  • Carly seeks out Sam to try to convince her to give Jason a baby.
  • Jason discusses with Sam whether he should have given up Jake;
    they come to the realization that all a parent can really do is to love their child.
  • Sam doesn't want to replace Jason's heartache with something she's always wanted. But it's too late.
  • Lucky confronts Luke about his drinking. 
  • Lulu rationalizes Luke's drinking.
  • Luke loses control.

Michael & Abby...
  • Michael and Abby make love.
  • Abby's ex-boyfriend is back in town and causes trouble.
  • Brandon beats Abby.
  • Michael and Abby fight over Michael having a gun.
  • Jason stops Michael from pulling the trigger on Brandon
  • Abby will drop the charges against Brandon in order to protect Michael. 
  • Michael is determined to protect Abby no matter the cost.
  • Theo is closer to finding his grandson.
  • Brenda confides in Sonny that she longs to be a mother.
  • Suzanne disposes of Theo right before he meets his grandson. 
  • Sonny surprises Brenda by remembering her birthday.
  • Sonny seeing Michael's turn for the worse, leaves him baulking at Brenda's need for a family. 
  • After a family breakfast Robin asks Patrick to move back home.
  • Kristina volunteers to watch Emma
  • Lisa is the devil in disguise and plays on Kristina's need to prove she's an adult.
    Kristina and Emma ends up in danger.

Jake & Josslyn...
  • Evidence reinforces Robin's fears that she may have hit Jake, and she goes to the police.
  • Brenda attempts to visit Josslyn at the hospital.   
  • Elizabeth's pain turns to helpless anger when she looks at the paternity results again.
  • Lucky confides in Maxie.
  • Sonny visits Josslyn.
  • Carly asks Jason not to go after Franco.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Spoilers 1/31

I apologize for being MIA for awhile I had a lot of personal issues going on but I will try to keep on top of the site.

  •  Today Michael confides in Jason what really happened in prison.
  •  Sam begins to have dizzy spells.
  • Maxie wonders if Sam is pregnant.  
  • Jason finds a pregnancy test.
  • Jason and Sam discuss having a family.
  • Sam visits Abby at GH. Michael surprises Abby when he brings her home from GH. 
  • Jason and Maxie work on a Valentines day surprise for Sam. 
  • Jason and Sam celebrate.  
  • Sam tells Jason she's relieved she isn't pregnant.  
 Luke & Tracy...
  • Tracy finds the diamonds Luke hid.
  • Brenda tells Dante the whereabouts of the baby. 
  • Brenda accuses Carly of destroying her wedding dress.
  • Sonny and Brenda's wedding will effect all of Port Charles.  
  • Sonny will be at the alter when he learns of Brenda and Dante's secret. 
  • Sonny flips when he wakes up and Brenda is gone.
  • Suzanne knows more about the baby then Brenda thinks.
  • Sonny wants to elope. 
  • Sonny accuses Carly of flooding the Archer Pavillion. 

  • Carly tells Jax she wants a divorce.
  • Carly becomes emotional when Michael makes a confession. This only makes her want more revenge on Dante.
  • Patrick and Robin go to the AIDS benefit, Lisa sabotages it. 
  • Sonny's wedding will bring Robin and Patrick closer.
  • Lisa arranges for Patrick to walk in on a Robin and Terrell moment. 
  • Lisa spikes Patrick's drink.
  • Siobhan tells Lucky why she has been working for the Balkan.
  • Lucky arrests Siobhan.
  • Lucky breaks Siobhan out of jail. 
  • Jason objects to Lucky returning to Ireland.
  • Siobhan's betrayal leaves Lucky heartbroken and torn. 
  • Aidan's paternity is finally revealed.
  • Brook witnesses Liz slipping cash to a Lab tech.
  • Lulu finds Brenda in Dante's arms 
  • Maxie pushes Lulu to take Dante back.  
  • Lulu and Dante re-evaluate their love. 
  • Dante contemplates his future with the PCPD
  • Dante tells Michael not to seek revenge against Franco. 
  • Lulu surprises Dante for Valentines Day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spoilers 11/28

  • New 30 year old OB/GYN  coming to GH, rumors suggest he will be Sam's doctor. 
  • Sam finds some information on the Balkan. 
  • Jason, Sam, Lucky and Dante set out to locate the Balkan. 
  • Someone begins to stalk Sam.
  • Jason wants Sam to move in. 
  • Someone is lurking outside Sam's door.
  • Jason is prevented from question Sam's attack because of a sniper bullet. 
  • Jason realizes that the only person that could be creeply fixated on Sam is Jerry Jacks.
  • Jason realizes that Jerry IS involved. 
  • Sam is enraged when Jerry makes plans to contact Alexis.
  • Sonny and Brenda reunite. 
  • Sonny buys Brenda a house.  
  • Spinelli questions Sonny's intentions towards Brenda. 
  • Carly watches as Sonny and Brenda leave for their Date. 
  • Sonny and Brenda head to the Metro Court! 
  • Spinelli continues to look into Brenda and Dante's past.  
  • Carly and Spinelli interrupts Sonny and Brenda right before they were about to make love.
  • Carly will tell Sonny the secret when he plans on spending his life with Brenda.  
  • Carly prepares Jax with the news that Jerry could be the Balkan. 
  • Jax is determined to protect Brenda.
  • Jax searches for Jerry.
  • Carly's action endanger a child. 
  • Jerry doesn't have all the answers.
  • Lucky receives another assignment from Interpol. 
  • Siobhan follows Lucky to New York City.
  • Lucky and Siobhan get access to Ronan's safety deposit box.
  • Lisa uses a website where people air their visions of how they were wronged. 
  • Maxie watches a moment between Patrick and Robin. 
  • Lisa's video goes Viral!
  • Robin confronts Lisa.
  • Patrick is enraged when he sees Lisa. 
  • Nik tells Robin her behavior is out of line.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spoilers 11/14

  • Does Sam find out she's pregnant after she is hospitalized?
  • Jason and Sam make love. 
  • Jason puts Brenda before Sam and it cost him immensely

Teen Scene...
  •  Michael comes to Abby's rescue. 
  • After seeing Michael's reaction she puts two and two together about what happened to him in prison.
  • Jason tells Michael he should move forward with his life.
  • Kristina considers an early graduation after having trouble with her peers.
Brenda, Brenda, Brenda....
  • Jax warns Brenda that Carly is out to get her. 
  • Carly finds out Brenda had a baby.
  • Carly suspects Dante is the father. 
  • Luke tries to get Carly to back-off Lulu and Dante. 
  • Lulu and Dante's relationship suffers. 
  • Lulu and Dante temporarily separate.
  • Spinelli continues to investigate Dante and Brenda.
  • Tracy and Luke warns Lulu against trusting Dante. 
  • Lulu is Tracy's maid of honor. 
  • Sonny and Brenda make love. 
  • Dante almost slips and tells Sonny everything.
  • Is Suzanne really trustworthy?
  • Claire considers joining Diane and Alexis' law practice.
  • Does the Balkan decide to move in on Sonny's territory.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Megan Ward to Guest Star on CSI

According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Megan Ward will guest star on an upcoming episode of CSI. Ward will play Lisa, the widow of a man who is murdered when he and another man were about to blow the whistle on a natural gas company poisoning the residents of a farm town. The actress' episode will air on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

Nooooooooooooooo Ted King in at OLTL

Sadly reporting that Ted King (Ex-Alcazar) is heading to One Life to Live.

King will play opposite Kassie DePaiva. Said King:
We’re creating this together,” King told EW exclusively. “It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on. When I was originally hired (for GH), it was for a short period of time. I had every attention of going back to primetime. But during that time, I really enjoyed myself with the role – a lot more than I thought.”
King will head to Llanview on Jan. 21.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jason Marathon on SOAPnet On 11/26

On the Day after Thanksgiving, November 26 SOAPnet will air a Jason marathon. Starting at 7PM EST

7 p.m. -- From March 7, 1996: Soon after suffering brain injuries in a car accident, Jason visits his new friend, Sonny. When the Quartermaines have the Port Charles P.D. bring him home, Jason finds their concern stifling... and in retaliation, rides his new motorcycle into the mansion's living room!

8 p.m. -- From May 28, 1996: After a night of passion, Jason and Carly set some ground rules for their no-strings-attached relationship.

9 p.m. -- From August 1, 1997: Jason and Robin share an emotional breakup after she begs Sonny to fire Jason in order to protect him from Sonny's dangerous lifestyle.

10 p.m. -- From November 8, 2005: Despite severe pain from his own brain injury, Jason saves both Robin and Sam in the aftermath of a major train crash.

11 p.m. -- From November 18. 2005: Jason's loved ones are relieved to learn that he survived the tunnel collapse following the train crash. He then proposes to Sam before beginning experimental treatment for his brain injury.