Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/29 Spoilers & More

Matt/Maxie/Spinelli.... Look for a big triangle coming.. Rumors say Matt may show up in NS2. Nadine tries to get on Matt's good side.

Liason... Rumors say Liason is on hold while Guza sees if he can go with Jaudia... Yes, Guza is still stuck on the pair. If Guza can go with Jaudia Liz will move onto someone else. Friday is a good day for Liason...

LuSam... Lucky and Sam have a good s/l coming. There will be an increase in both s/l and airtime. Lucky tries to get Sam to back out of her involvement with Karpov when things begin to heat up.

J-lex... Jerry and Alexis is all about Jerry being the bad boy but romances Alexis. Expect to see Conflict arise but Romance along the way. Danger arises for Sam while she's undercover. Jerry is torn between business and Personal interest.

Jolu on the Run... Lulu goes missing and visits Laura seen as GF isn't on until Aug 26 Lulu is speaking with a rocking chair. Scott is there when Lulu is there but doesn't see her. The police arrive and they think their luck has run out but really the cops are looking for someone else. Rumors say Johnny doesn't know she went to shadybrook. Rumors say Lulu lands herself in Shadybrook and Johnny is rumored to break her out. Lulu goes from bad to worse.. Johnny is struggling on what to do and how to handle the situation then realizes that Shadybrook can give her help that he cannot. Problems heat up when Anthony is thrown into the mix. Luke will return soon and have confrontations with Scott.

CarJax... Carly Thinks she found the solution to her marital problems. Carly informs Kate she is going to continue to make her life a living hell

Scrubs.. They are having a little girl.

Clic.. Claudia is determined to find Ric's whereabouts.

Sarah Brown Contract... I'm hearing that Sarah Brown reached a deal for her 1 year extension yesterday. Remember these are still hear says and nothing official. She was giving major concessions to do other products. The show has an out at the 9 month mark this time. Contracts will be signed this week and an official announcement will come soon. Her contract is extended to Jan 2010.

Maurice Bernard/ Ingo... Rumors are looking like they are both staying. Ingo has already re-signed for another year and it is expected that MB will soon follow...

Rick Hearst... Negotiations are not going well for him. He has other offers and the show is willing to let him go. I'll keep you posted..

NS3... Rumors are that Nightshift three is already being talked about. They are thinking about starting a new season after Christmas break.

Finola Hughes... Will Appear on atleast 1 episode of NS2.

Tristan Roberts.. Is back Aug 5

Rick Springfield Performs Today at Eli Love's Concert!!!

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