Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7/30 Spoilers & More

Eli Love/Robin/Anna.... The mystery woman who comes to town with Eli's child is Olivia Jerome. Patrick warms up to Eli's son. Anna is not happy about Robin's fake kidnapping scheme.

Mob War??? Diane warns Sonny Jason could go after him. Sonny believes that Jason would never go after him no matter what. Anthony issues a warning for Jason. Sonny is headed towards a down fall. Jason will soon realize there is a leak in his organization. The tension between Sonny and Jason worsen, Carly is worried. Sonny has a fallout with Karpov.

CarJax... Jax finds himself handcuffed to Carly. Rumors say Jax and Liz has a nice talk they talk about CarJax, and they will mention their baby girl. Carly will witness this and run to Jason to tell him Liz is after Jax. Carly is rumored to have a new plan a baby would fix everything. Jax will be spending more time with Liz but nothing romantic comes out of it. Carly will put herself in danger.

On the Run... Lulu's visions of Logan aren't stopping. Lourdes covers for Johnny. Lulu visits Laura.. (GF is not back to GH at this point)

Drug Ring... Nik forbids Nadine from working undercover. Jerry covers for Sam. Nadine fantasizes about Nik. Nik and Claudia kiss. Lucky goes undercover to protect Sam. Jerry is suspcious of Sam but both keep the front up infront of Karpov. Nadine goes off on her own to investigate. Spinelli is in trouble

Skate.. Sonny promises that no one will ruin their wedding day.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam share a romantic night.

J-lex... Jerry and Alexis spends time with Kristina. Alexis will be dealing with internal conflict. Jerry will try his best to change his ways.

Liason.. Rumors say Liz gives Jason a present from Cameron. AZ is still trying to find Jason's weakness.

Matt.. Matt finds a link to his past.

Dr. Russell Ford died on GH Flashbacks but will appear as Flashbacks on GH-

Josh Duhon (Logan) will be appearing as flashbacks until Aug 10

Rick Hearst will be on vacation for two weeks.. On screen he's taking Molly on a trip

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