Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Spoilers, Gossip and More

ASJ to GH... ASJ says he would love to crossover to GH but it would have to wait until fall but he's up for it if they want him.. Thats exciting news move over Patrick a new hottie is in town..

Tyler Christopher soon to be wed.... After being engaged to former co-star Vanessa Marcil and Married Eva Longoria as well as dated Natalia Livingston. Tyler plans to marry Indians sport reporter Brienne Pedigo. The couple will wed Sept. 27.

John Duhon to another soap... SOD makes subtle hints to not be suprised to see JD on a west coast soap soon.

Genie Francis Upcoming return... Brian Frons states that he expects GF to be back for about 2 months. GF first appears Aug 26 when Lulu visits her mother at Shadybrook. Lulu is scared she has inherited her mothers emotional state when Laura comes out of her catatonic state and says “’Don’t worry, Lulu. It will all be OK.’" This scene is said to send shivers down our spines. Tony Geary is estimated to be back from vacation in time for GF's comeback. Will this s/l be as good as it should be??? I can't wait.

Liason breaking up??? Rebecca Herbst has been said to of gone to the writer's and requested a break up. She feels they've stalled. This is the first time RH has asked for a change in anything.. I'll keep you posted.

Who's leaving??? Rick Hearst has been telling people he'll be leaving when his contract expires. Steve Burton and Maurice Bernard tell Soap Opera Digest they aren't sure if the one to sign on for another cycle. Maurice Bernard, Rick Hearst and Kelly Monaco have their contracts coming up soon. A month ago Maurice said he would of said NO to resigning but now things are changing enough that he'll consider. Sam, who knows? But she has been said to share more scenes with Alexis, Jerry and Lucky.

Sam/Karpov/Jerry... Aug 4 Karpov introduces Sam to Jerry and Jerry covers for Sam and acts as if they never met.

Alexis and Children Scenes... Alexis and Kristina return from Vacation on Monday the 11th. Diane comes over than Sam. Alexis than visits Jerry.

Liason.. Jason is suprises by Cam and Monica's words... After a little fight about Sam working for Karpov, Lucky admits that he doesn't want to lose her.

Claudia/Carly....They start to bond.

Sason.... Jason and Sonny have a fight after Jason finds out about Sonny's dealing with Karpov.. Jason admits that he gave up everything for Sonny...

Robins plan.... Robin has a plan to get back at Eli and she'll have Max and Milo kidnap him. RUMORS say that Anna will come to the rescue.

Lulu may lose more than her mind... She may lose Johnny as well.

M&M? A romance could be coming for Matt and Maxie...

False spoilers..... False info was given out delibratly to find the inside leak of spoilers.

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