Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-up on Spoilers....

Jolu on the run.. Johnny breaks Lulu out of shadybrook. Lulu has several visits from Logan. Ric agrees to help Claudia find Jerry, Claudia agrees to sleep with Ric. Lourdes shows up and makes accusations about Johnny and Lulu, but doesn't reveal it. Johnny finds out the Zacharra's murdered Lourdes' father. On Aug 4th Lulu is missing and Johnny goes looking for her. Anthony knows where to find Johnny. Look for Anthony to become more ruthless when he learns Lulu is more of the root of Johnny's problems then he first realized. Claudia attempts to intervene. Johnny struggles with the reality of Lulu's condition and is urged to bring her back to the institution when Lulu's condition worsens.

Skate... Kate fears that there wedding is cursed when Sonny's blood ends up on her wedding dress. Aug 4th Carly threatens to ruin Kates life.

Spixie.. Spin will do anything to have Maxie in his grasps. Aug 5th Spinelli realizes he's no match for Maxie.

Drug ring.. Sam spies on Jerry and Karpov at the docks. Sam interrupts a romantic evening for Jerry and Alexis. Sam warns Alexis to be careful when it comes to Jerry. Alexis tries to find out what Sam is hiding. Alexis tells Sam her eyes are open when it comes to Jerry. Jerry's feelings are hurt by Alexis's dismissal after her talk with Sam. Alexis catches Claudia going threw her desk. Nik stops Alexis from arresting Claudia. Claudia gets what she's looking for, Where Ric goes on vacation with Molly. Nadine, Leyla and Nik look for info on Matt. Back to J-lex Sam and Jerry will come to an understanding when Sam realizes that Jerry is sincere about his feelings for Alexis. Lucky and Nik urge Sam to get out before its too Late. Nik is urged to keep his nose out of Karpov business. Lucky and Sam are almost caught when they meet for a romantic date. Nadine tries to Move on after Nik's harsh confession on his feelings towards her. Nadine insists on helping w/ the drugs with the help of Matt.

Liason.. Rumors say Liason is stalled until the Russian mob story plays its self out. Monica tells Liz that she can see that Liz and Jason are in love. Later, Monica tells Jason that she knows he loves Liz and gave her up. Jason is suprised by Cam and Monica's words.

Sason.. A blow out is coming between the two. Jason admits to Sonny that he gave up everything for him. Ric tells Jason that Sonny is working with Karpov. The tension arises. Aug 4th Jason confronts Sonny about his dealings. On Aug 6th fearing that the men in her life will kill eachother she butts in. Aug 8th Jason is in danger because of Carly's actions.

CarJax... Today, How far will Jax
go to put distance between him and Carly, how bout jumping out a plane. Crazy rumor alert! Jax files for divorce and Carly remembers that Liz carried for Jax before and wants Liz to carry for her and Jax. Rumors say that there are no plans to break the two up. Carly is coming for Kate and the Skate wedding will have some suprises.

Scrubs baby... Rumors are hinting that its a girl.

Newbie Mob... Rumors were flying this weekend about the new mob guy coming to PC. One is that he'll be a new love interest for Liz. Another rumor says he will only be on for around 7 episodes. Another Rumor states he is an offspring of Irina and Jerry's lol, not believing this one..

Cody... According to insiders Cody isn't gonna be Jason's right hand man, atleast not yet. Cody will be watching out for Jason on the docks.

Maxie/Matt... Nothing romantic for them as of yet. Look for them to be arguing about Petty things in the upcoming weeks. Matt has some secrets of his own such as why he came to town and his family tree. He and Maxie will heat up soon.

Lusam... Sam and Lucky have a little fight about her job. Lucky admits he doesn't want to lose her. Liz goes to Nik and asks him to help the couple reunite, but secretly there hiding out in the next room kissing. Lucky might want to tell Liz the truth but Sam is rumored to shoot the idea down.

4 Musketeers... Nik and Lucky talk about the past with Em, Liz, Nik and Lucky, and Lucky makes a comment on how differently things turned out for them and the woman they loved.

Josh Duhon... Maybe frontrunner for the role of Cane's little brother on Y&R. I'll keep you posted.

Claire Coffee... The rumor has been put to rest. Claire Coffee posted this following message on her message board.
"Hi Everyone - Just wanted to address the rumor floating around...I didn't shoot my last episode and Nadine isn't going anywhere.In fact, things are just starting to get interesting!xoClaire"

Genie Francis... According to a recent interview we can expect to see GF for two more months. goes on to say in the storyline, Lulu is feareful she will inherit her mother's bad luck until Laura comes out of her catatonic state to say, "Don't worry, lulu. It will all be OK." He says, "That will send shivers down all our backs and help straighten that all out, which will be terrific." According to Frons, expect Tony Geary (Luke) to return from his summer vacation in time for Francis' mini-comeback. He also speculates that Laura might be around for November sweeps.

Newbie coming.. Tracy Ruggiero comes to GH 7/28 playing Trish a past Eli fan w/ her Son played by Harry McNamera.

Actors/Actress info... Rumors of Liz asking for the end of Liason seems to be true. Becky Herbst wants more of a storyline even if it means the end of Liason. Even though Becky loves working with Steve shes ready for a s/l elsewhere. BH offered to be a part of NS. Many of the longtime vets are unhappy with how they are being written.

TPTB are bending over backwards for Sarah Brown to resign. There is a lot of backstory and longterm outlines for the Character of Claudia. Sarah Brown is waiting to see what they have in store for Claudia then she'll make a decision.

Nightshift.... Robin's main story starting next week is Robert. She supposed to still interact with Jagger but Jagger/Stone is more medically dealt with by Saira and Patrick. Also Patrick is dealing with Robert medically as well. Robert and Jagger may have more in common than we think.. Why did they both arrive to PC around the Same time??

** I will continue to add spoilers throughout the day new posts will be in a different color***

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