Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spoilers & More July 17

Who Knows Karpov?? New rumors say that Sam knows the russian mobster and he has a proposition for Sam. I'm still seeing Jerry and Claudia know him as well as Matt and Nik.

Sonny back in? Rumors suggest Sonny and Karpov become friends. He may have a business proposition for Sonny. Claudia warns sonny away from Karpov she tells him Jason wouldn't like it. Claudia asks sonny if he's back in business.

Nadine dying? Theres a good chance shes dying after she received the kiss of death in soaps. Nik warned her and Nadine said she'll be ok. If she does get killed looks like Matt is the one to do it. Nadine will ease drop on a call and hear him mention the counterfeit drugs. Nadine and Matt go out on a date to use eachother for info.

Lulu a Hostage? John and Lulu steal Floyd's car to make a get away from the PCPD. Nik and Lucky compare Lulu to Laura.

What goes around Comes around! The Bennsonhurst side of Kate is starting to show. Kate and Clarice finds dirt on Carly and whatever it is Jax leaves Carly and moves out.

More...Claudia wants Spinelli to find Lulu and John. Maxie and Claudia get into it over Spinelli and this could be where Maxie tells Spin about her deal with Claudia. Scott's back and finds out about Logan. Nik goes to Jason for help locating lulu.

Monday, June 21

Johnny takes Lulu hostage at gunpoint to keep her from confessing. Jason assists by interferring with Harper's shot. Johnny and Lulu escape by taking Floyd's car. Claudia warns Sonny about how dangerous Karpov is. Claudia warns Sonny that Jason wouldn't be happy to see Sonny back in business and allied with Karpov. Claudia accuses Sonny of trying to get back int he business. Maxie breaks down in tears in Spinelli's arms. Spinelli is close to confessing his feelings for her. Kate gets revenge and starts to cause a large tear in Carjax's marriage. Jax announces that he is moving out. Johnny tosses a cell phone out the window. Nik wants Nadine to hold off her suspicions of Dr. Hunter. Matt is worried about how much Nadine knows. Matt and Nadine go out for dinner, they both have their own agendas. Johnny and lulu hide out at Johnny's former Piano teachers apartment. John comforts Lulu. Cody informs Jason that Karpov is in town. Nik compares lulu to their mother when discussing the break down. Claudia demands Spinelli to find Lulu and Johnny.

Tuesday, July 22

Maxie and Claudia clash over Spinelli. Nik goes to Jason for help locating Lulu. Carly refuses to give up on her marriage, Jax is tired of being second. AZ threatens Ric and Trevor that their toast if anything happens to Johnny. Trevor reminds AZ that he warned him that Lulu was trouble. AZ plans to kill Lulu when John is back. AZ visits Jason. Jason tells Nik that Lulu wasn't a hostage but an acomplice. Leyla defends Nadine to Matt.

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