Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesdays Spoilers, Gossip and News

Monica out of rehab! Looks like we'll get to see Monica outside of the hospital and the Q Mansion. Monica goes to Liz's to meet Jake.

It's tough being the Newbie.... Spinelli, Maxie and Liz do not like the new Doctor very much. Start looking for more interaction between Liz and Matt. By the end of August they'll be starting to get close.

Someone in the Way.. Lourdes has a thing for Johnny and she realizes if thats what she wants she needs to get Lulu out of the way. Something tells me this girl and Maxie would get along great.

The Hunt... Lucky andNik searches for Lulu. Anthony blames Lulu and Jason for what is happening to Johnny. Jason tells Nik that Lulu was a willing participant but Lucky doesn't buy it. RUMOR say that Lucky comes around and tells Sam Lulu is on the run with Johnny. Looks like Nadine will be there for Nik when he is upset about Lulu. Lulu and Johnny go by Joe and Linda.

Sam back to her roots... Looks like Sam loves the new found danger again after having a taste and Lucky isn't liking the danger around her.

The In-law affair... Patrick will not be happy about Noah and Anna's love affair.

Clic... Claudia and Ric becomes Lovers. Claudia bonds more with Sonny.

Carly's 1,820,425,324 Plan... Carly thinks that a baby is the solution for her marital problems.

Liason.. Jason is torn by what his mind wants and his heart. Liason is said to be stalled.

Jason lets Carly in... Jason tells Carly that Lulu is the one that killed Logan get ready for Carly Plan 1,820,425,325.

Looks like Sonny will need a new attorney.. Diane quits this week.

Liz and Sam coming around.. Lucky goes to Liz asking if she has heard from Lulu. Liz later on goes to Sam asking her to give Lucky another Chance, that she doesn't want him and admits that Sam makes Lucky happy. Lucky will lie to Liz in order to keep this under wraps.

Jason Needs a new "Max and Milo" .. After yesterdays scenes could Jason employ Cody as his right hand man??? I hope so. Cody will be on Aug 6 and 11.

Rumor Mill... Lucas Jones may be being recasted an actor did a read in with Kirstin Storms that was said to of went well.

Earlier rumors speculated that Tracy would be the one to tell Scott his son is dead but now It's looking Like it is Nik.

Claire Coffee May be staying... but we'll keep a lookout on these rumors..

A plane crash is coming in August where two characters will die.. Heavy grains on this one...

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