Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Spoilers, Rumors and More...

Claudia/Sonny/Kate.... Sonny and Claudia will continue to bond while Kate is busy planning the wedding... Watch for Sonny to start going back to the old ways (the Mob) and realizing he has a lot in common with Claudia. Sonny and Claudia become closer when they realize they share the same Enemy. Kate attempts to understand Sonny's intent and stands by him. Sonny loves Kate but can't resist the power of the mob. Sonny wants to prove to Jason they are still a team. There are some tension between the two now. Jason interupts a dinner between Kate and Sonny. Jason reminds Sonny who is in charge now. Claudia accuses Sonny of wanting Jason out of the business but at the same time she tries to bond with Jason. Kate Lashes out at Jason. Sonny and Kate are getting married.

Spixie... Spinelli wants Maxie but Maxie can't see it.

Carly's 1,820,425,326 Plan.. Carly tries to seduce Jax during their flight. Carly also handcuffs herself to Jax next week to end their seperation. Jax isn't impressed when Carly loses the key. Jax files for divorce.

Unlikely team.. Robin gets Max to help her in a plot against womanizer Eli Love because he wasn't nice to Anna. Eli will learn a couple lessons from Robin. Eli's ex comes to town and shows up with his young son.

On the Run.... Anthony tells Claudia if anything happens to Johnny her life is over. Ric agrees to help Claudia find Johnny in fear that AZ will kill them all if they dont. . Lucky fears Lulu has the same emotional problems as Laura. Carly wants to frame Ric. Scott Vows to make Lulu and Johnny Pay. Logan begins to torment Lulu she sees him everywhere, but Laura will save her. Lourdes has a thing for Johnny, she knows his true identity. Lourdes shows Johnny her good side and Lulu her bad side.

Liason... Jason comes accross Liz, Cam and Jake in the park. Cam is excited to see Jason. Liz offers Jason some time with Jake but he declines. Jason is happy and sad to see Jake because he can't hold him. Monica witnesses this from afar. After Liz reassures Jason about her love for him he is speechless. Monica visits Liz and Meets Jake. Monica comments how great Liason looks as a family. Monica and Jason have a heart to heart talk. Jason is shot and Matt and Liz help him It could be a shirtless scene. Anthony orders Trevor to find Jason's weakness.

Paternity reveal... Lulu does spill about Jake being Jason's to Johnny but not yet.

New right hand man... Cody will eventually be Jason's new righthand man replacing Max/Milo who go back to work for Sonny.

A warning for the prince.. Nik receives a serious warning. Nadine is getting in deep, can Nik save her.

Karpov.. Jerry talks with Karpov about getting his business and shipments done. Sam gets a job working for Karpov, her past cons help her with this. She will be a captain of one of his ships. She makes progress in securing her spot in the drug business. Sam witnesses Jerry as he reveals working for Karpov. Lucky and Nik are worried about Sam's involvement. Sam goes to Alexis about Jerry. Then, confronts Jerry about his business with Karpov and later on Jerry comes clean with Alexis. Jerry and Karpov have an interesting history. Jerry owes Karpov. Karpov visits Alexis. Sonny pretends to be interested in Karpov's business to aquire more knowledge of his business. Lucky becomes a protective boyfriend when it comes to Sam when Karpov takes an interst to her. Lucky, Alexis are not thrilled with this.

Grain of Salt Rumors... A car crash is set for Late August two people won't make it. Liz is one of them and she will "die" it is supposed to be like when Nik "died".

The New guy will kiss Liz and Maxie they both will slap him but only one kisses back.

Sam has a run in with Jason over her new job.

Nik tells Nadine he thinks of her as a sister.

Carly and Jason are in trouble but not the same situation.

FTB for J-Lex

When Laura wakes up Tracy offers Luke a divorce but he declines

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