Friday, August 1, 2008

8/1 Spoilers & More

Safe Couples... Couples for the longterm are LuSam, Nikdine, Liason, Spixie and J-lex their stories will be how each couple gets to this point. Bradford Anderson hinted that he and Maxie will have a Jarly like friendship. A triangle is planned for Spin/Maxie/Matt but where Matt goes after hasn't been figured out. Frons does not want to break-up Spixie. CarJax, Skate, Scrubs, Jolu, DiMax are still the plan. Claudia won't be attached to anyone unless she extends her contract.

J-lex... Alexis and Jerry won't sleep together for a while. She's weary after hearing Sam warn her about Jerry. Things will change after Jerry saves Sam in late August. Jerry will be torn between personal business interests and his relationship with Alexis. Karpov will make demands on Jerry that could cost him Alexis. But Jerry does come through for Alexis in big ways. Leaving Alexis confused about her feelings towards Jerry. Jerry continues to attempt to prove himself to Alexis and When Jerry is willing to sacrifice for Alexis, it may be too late for him to back out.

L&L2.... Lucky and Liz will have plenty of time together bonding, the kids haven't been called in to tape so its just the two of them. Lucky will be confused with his feelings for Sam and what he has always felt with Liz.

Liason... Liz could be involved in the Karpov's storyline and that the new guy in town can bring an interesting twist. Liz and Jason will pick up again more and more. While no storyline in the immediate future. They are keeping the upcoming stuff riddled with Liz/Jason mentions, yearnings, moments of chance, ect..

Skate... Kate and Sonny prepare for the wedding. Diane and Alexis join in for Kate's bacholette party.
Dates to Remember:
  • August 1 Kate Walks in on a meeting with Sonny and Karpov
  • August 4 Carly warns Kate she'll ruin her if thats what it takes

Scrubs.. Scrubs will be mostly MIA on GH. NightShift is heavily shooting. There will be a big reveal with Matt, but not whats being speculated but something smaller.
Dates to Remember:
  • August 12 Robin and Patrick learn the sex of their baby.
  • August 14 Robin is grateful for Jason’s presence in her life but wishes he could find happiness.
  • August 21 Patrick and Robin talk about their future together.
  • August 22 Robin makes a decision about Patrick in her life.
CarJax... Carly and Jax are on their way to a reunion. Jax voices his frustation with Carly being obsessed with Jason and Sonny. Carly and Jax start to make a breakthrough but Carly reverts to her old habits.

Nik/Nadine/Claudia... Nik's time will be divided between Claudia and Nadine and he will be drawn to one of them. Nik is drawn to Nadine and that is where he will end up but he will enter into a sexual relationship with Claudia because he feels it's more loyal to Emily's memory to not fall in love or be in a relationship. Nik/Claudia/Nadine will be a triangle of sorts for awhile but the plan is Nik/Nadine. Nikolas and Claudia bond over the fear for their siblings. Nadine confronts Nikolas about Claudia.

Matt... Matt is going to be tied to the Drake storyline. It comes at a time when Patrick is preparing to be a father. Interesting timing.

Mob War/Drug Ring... It will seem as if Jason and Sonny are in a full out war and things are as worse as it gets between the two. Then you will find out that Jason, at somepoint, was let in on the full score and is working on bringing down Karpov. There will be false leads and red herrings. Jason being bitter about Sonny and costing him in his life. Which is true but not to the extent that they are making it seem like Jason will completely turn on Sonny. Also you'll wonder if after Carly and Jason make their feelings clear on Sonny and Sonny sees their "betrayal" if maybe Sonny just wants to stay in power and will go cross the line and join Karpov's team. After disproving the original suspicions surrounding Sam , Sam finds herself become a valued member of Karpov's organization. Too valued for Lucky's liking.
Dates to Remember:
  • August 1 Sam gets a suprise when she follows a lead
  • August 4 Jason confronts Sonny about his relationship with Karpov
  • August 5 Carly is worried Jason and Sonny will end up killing eachother
  • August 6 Carly gets involved when she shouldn't; Jerry wants to know what Sam is upto.
  • Ausust 7 Jason warns Karpov to stay away from Carly; Sam and Jerry try to figure out what eachother is upto.
  • August 8 Jason and Carly are in danger; Sonny makes and enemy out of Karpov.

On The Run... Claudia fights to get John home safely. Lulu goes over the edge. Johnny fights to stand by Lulu. Tracy steps up when Scott wants revenge. Ric misteps in his bargaining with Claudia.

Dates to Remember:

  • August 1 Lulu is haunted by Logan's vision
  • August 4 Lulu is missing
  • August 5 Lulu fears she is going to end up like her mother
  • August 6 Johnny and Lulu realize their days on the run are numbered.
  • August 7 Lulu is having hallucinations


Days to Remember:

  • August 5 Spinelli is no match for Maxie's determination
  • August 8 Spinelli ends up in trouble when he sets out to prove he is not a whimp

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