Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13 Spoilers & More

Scrubs... Scrubs are completely safe. Fans are tired of women being trashed so expect to see Robin's maturity grow. August 21: Patrick proposes to Robin.

LuSam.. LuSam is very popular with Brian Frons, he wants Kelly happy and she is very happy with her pairing. They will have a developing love story with troubles of a serious nature not occurring until Dec time frame. This unexpected romance has pleased fans clamouring for love on GH. And it opens the door for exploring the history of the Cassidines and Spensers. Sam puts herself in danger and Lucky almost blows her cover as he rushes to rescue her. Elizabeth helps Sam out of a jam

JoLu.. One of Guza's favorites. Lulu starts to hallucinate in front of Lourdes. Johnny tells Lucky exactly what happened the night Logan was killed. Scott worries when he finds out Lulu may end up like her mother.

Skate.. Skate will be until MB signs and after that anything goes. B. G. still feels that Carson is a ratings baby. So even though MB and LW feel the story has lived its complete life, do not expect it to be over for them. LW will also revisit if it means her continued airtime, she does not like how much another actress has been the focus and has been very vocal. Sonny and Kate enjoy a romantic evening.

Spixie.. Spin and Maxie are still possible love story or the younger Carly Jason friendship. It is undecided. Matt could be thrown in the mix but surprising KS has been reticent about being paired with her old co-star, she likes the airtime she's been receiving as Spin's love interest and doesn't want to jeopardize it. Spinelli ruins the stakeout by passing out from the heat.Maxie learns something disturbing about Spinelli's health from Dr. Hunter. Matt confesses to Maxie

Quartermaines.. Look for the Q's to find out Jake's paternity. Fans want the Q's back on canvas, though Guza does not care to tell and has no interest in that story anymore. He writes for JE because of TG but recent scenes with the Q's brought in many calls and that was also addressed last week. Fans want the history of the show brought back and for them the Q's are it.

Liason.. Liason's scenes for today and next week are the result of the poor response of Becky Herbst absence. The SOW article helped her airtime. She is taping 3 days a wk now instead of 1 day. Jason and Liz share a kiss next week. The airtime for this couple does pick up in the next two weeks. Lucky has an add in scene this week with Elizabeth and the kids Liason at the Docks is an add in scene Elizabeth will be on 14 or 15 days this month

J-lex... Alexis goes back to her office. Jerry approaches her. Alexis is upset about what happened. Jerry asks her why she didn't come to him she explains that she didn't want whatever he would do on her conscience. He says he wants to take her mind off all her problems. They share a few moments, Sam walks in. Sam gives Jerry an attitude. Sam gives Alexis an ambiguous warning. Alexis wants to know more. Sam won't go into detail.Jerry tries to get Alexis back into the mood. Alexis is distracted and pushes Jerry away. Feels that Jerry is into something and if he is she doesn't want any part of it. Jerry says after everything he's done for her, she still doesn't trust him. Walks away. Alexis fights her feelings for Jerry. Jerry confides in Alexis

MobWar... Alexis goes to Kristina's dad with a problem named Anthony. Jason puts Cody on Karpov's trail. Anthony promises to kill Alexis' daughters.

CarJax.. Jax comes home and squashes Carly's optimism. Jax and Carly talk about having a baby.

Nikadine/Naudia.. Nadine walks in on Claudia wearing Nik's shirt (and not much else). August 19 - Nikolas kisses Nadine.

**Crazy Rumor of the Day!!! Sal and Lourdes are related to Mercedes.


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