Thursday, August 14, 2008

8/14 Spoilers & More

Spixie... Spinelli and Maxie see Karpov kill one of his employees. Karpov sees them.

LuSam... Liz promises to keep Sam and Lucky's secret.

CarJax... Jax has Alexis file for divorce but Carly is ready to fight for him.

MobWar??? Jason saves Sonny from a sniper bullet, the sniper is Jerry.

Scrubs... Patrick and Robin compromise and agree to wait after the baby is born to get married.

Liason... A Jason and Liz kiss is coming up. Everyone will feel sorry for Liz and Jason. Nikolas even tells her he knows she's loved Jason all these years. Lucky and Sam are sorry she can't be with Jason knowing how much she loves him and they feel guilty being happy. Robin and Patrick feel bad Jason can't be with the woman he loves while they're so happy. Jason gets to tell Sonny he asked Liz to marry him on the day Michael was shot and Sonny is upset for them and tells him how sorry he is. Robin goes on and on to Jason about how much she loved being in the cottage with him and Michael and that prepared her for motherhood. She gushes about that time. She tells Jason he's the reason she has the strength to have her baby. She thought her dreams for motherhood were dashed when she lost him and Michael but now she has Patrick and this baby and she thanks him because in some way he made it all possible. Robin and Patrick discuss how sad it is that he'll never have what they have and going to work for Sonny has cost Jason a chance on ever being happy. They talk about how sad they are for him.

Matt... Matt has his fair share of secrets but look for the handsome doctor to show one of his patients a different side to him. Shocking himself in the process. Matt will find himself intrigued by Spinelli as he will be the main doctor involved with Spinelli's dizzy spells. This will provide complications when he finds himself intrigued by Maxie, who he realizes Spinelli is in love with.

Jarly... Carly and Jason's friendship isn't over but lets say it's being back burned for a bit. Claudia's buddy scenes with Jason are growing. There will not be some explosive argument or any kind of betrayal. Jax will more or less force Carly's hand when her actions in trying to help Jason put both Jax and Morgan in danger.

Skate... Sonny/Kate wedding is huge and involves the whole cast. There is violence that leads to long term consequences for at least one of the people in attendance. I believe Maurice used the term "operatic" and he was certainly right. The wedding goes through, it's the reception that gets marred.

**** Crazy Rumor**** Will Brenda be Crimson's cover girl???

Todays Episode:
Johnny knows he can't put off getting Lulu help.Jax returns home and is quickly taken away from Carly by Crimson.Sonny gives unwanted advice to Jason.Anthony makes Claudia move back into the family home.Robin worries about Jason's loneliness.Elizabeth and Jason's connection hasn't died.

Dates to Remember:

8/18 Episode: "Out of Control"
Lulu's life takes a downward spiral; Jax's love for Carly is evident, but he is unable to get back with her.

8/19 Episode: "Visions of Logan"
Lulu admits to having visions of Logan; Patrick is nervous over the thought of raising a daughter.

8/20 Episode: "Jason Rejects Sasha's Advances"
Jason rejects Sasha's advances, but Spinelli misinterprets the situation.

8/21 Episode: "Maxie Questions Spinelli's Motives"
Maxie questions Spinelli's motives for wanting to check out Karpov's warehouse again; Patrick proposes to Robin in a very public way.

8/22 Episode: "Lulu Convinces Jason"
Lulu convinces Jason to take her to see Johnny; Karpov questions Jerry's loyalty.

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