Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8/19 Spoilers

Liason... Liz and Jason spend time together. AZ has a crush on Liz. Jason warns Liz his enemies are looking for any weakness. Liz and Jason will share a few meetings. Jason tells Liz they can't keep doing this because his enemies are looking for anything to use against him. Liz becomes cautious but it's clear that some are already suspecting the connection there. Elizabeth seeing the depth of Lucky's feelings for Sam makes her rethink her separation from Jason. She realizes that she cannot be happy without him and tells Jason she doesn't care about the danger. She just wants him back.

CarJax... Karpov puts a hit out on Jax. Jerry tries to stop it. Carly surprises Jax with another picnic. Jax and Kate have a fight.

LuSam... Alexis finds out Sam is working for Karpov. LuSam argue Lucky is afraid for Sam. Lucky leaves Liz with Sam while Lucky goes to see Lulu. Liz explains Lucky's fears for Sam are because he has lost so much already. Liz tells Sam to be patient because Lucky will never let her down.

Skate... Sonny will confess his Karpov association to Kate. Carly makes a shocking prediction to Kate about her marriage to Sonny. Sonny continues to feel he's being pulled back in the business. Kate becomes anxious over her impending wedding and tries to bury herself in details of the wedding. She knows something is wrong, she sees the warning signs and there is a sense of foreboding.

Quartermaines... will start to look like a real family.

Spixie... Spin is still trying to prove himself to Maxie and ends up in another bad situation.

JoLu... Johnny being locked up is making Lulu more unstable. Scott is on a warpath. Anthony threatens Alexis children again demanding Johnny's release. Johnny is heartbroken by what is happening to Lulu. Anthony demands Lulu is banished from Johnny's life permanently. She's basically a curse on Johnny, like most women are on men. In Anthony's mind. Tracy should be seen at Shadybrook at some point in regards to Lulu. Nikolas learns the truth. He believes Lulu. Too bad he's the only one. Nikolas vows to stand by his baby sister. Nikolas resolves to do whatever it takes to help Johnny get out of jail. Nikolas visits Johnny in jail and is upset that Johnny didn't come to him but understands why he did what he did. Nikolas tells Johnny that Lulu is beating herself up over the whole mess. Nikolas shares with Johnny what happened when Emily killed Conner. Lulu will do the same thing. Nik urges Johnny don't make the same mistakes he did.

Matt... Patrick puts Matt in his place. Maxie shares her disappointments of her parents to Matt. Spinelli is unhappy when he hears that Maxie's opinion of Matt has changed. Matt and Patrick bumps heads people comment on how similar they are. Patrick and Matt become rivals at the hospital. Matt's past is up in the air. Maxie and Matt start to bond more. They talk about their pasts. Spinelli can not make the impression he wants on Maxie and notices the slight bonding between Maxie and Matt.

Clic... Claudia needs Rics help when Johnny is in trouble with the Law. Scott threatens to send Johnny to Pentonville. Claudia tracks down Ric in NYC. Ric is in bed with another woman when Claudia finds him. Claudia gets rid of the woman and demands Ric to go back to PC to help Johnny and Claudia promises to make it worth his while.

Nikadine/Naudia... Claudia turns to Nik. Nadine vents about Nik and Claudia to Leyla. Nikola feels connected to Claudia. Nadine is frustrated over the connection there. She sees something growing and wants to fight for Nikolas. Nik and Nadine share a dance.

Nik... Nik learns who really killed Rick Webber.. I'm sensing he's going to use this to his advantage.

J-Lex... Jerry warns Sam not to interfere with Jerry and Alexis' relationship. Sam says she's not going to stand by and let her mother get used. Jerry tells Sam she doesn't know anything about him or his relationship with Alexis. Jerry tries to Woo Alexis. Jerry insists he is loyal to Karpov. He attempts to keep his relationship with Alexis in tack. Telling her only with her can he be a certain part of himself. A part of himself he didn't think existed anymore. Alexis softens but still questions what Jerry is up to.

Scrubs... After Robin turns down Patricks proposal Patrick visits both Anna and Mac hoping they can talk some sense into Robin. Mac thinks Patrick is finally proving himself. When Scrubs are in the park Robin says she loves him but she isn't going to marry him. Anna tells Robin she is making a big mistake and the Patrick and their baby deserve better than Robin's fears holding their family back. Patrick and Robin discuss compromise. Rumor still out their that the wedding is coming in October and Brenda will be present for it.

Todays Episode:
Lulu tells Nikolas that she's having hallucinations about Logan, but not why.Lucky finds his sister in their mother's room.Scott tells Lulu that she will testify against her lover boy.As the father-to-be of a daughter, Patrick tries to make up for his past ways.Anna jumps to the wrong conclusion about Patrick.Jason orders Cody to tail Karpov.Alexis receives a serious threat from Anthony.Alexis begs Johnny to confess to his crime so that Anthony's threat won't matter.Nik reaches out to Nadine.

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