Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/20 Spoilers (Updated @2pm est.)

Liason.... Liason kiss at the Studio.

JoLu... Anthony wants to eliminate Lulu. Johnny is scared and frantic when he realizes what his father is up to. Johnny turns to Nikolas to protect Lulu while he is in jail. Nikolals vows that nothing will happen to his baby sister. Nikolas is forced to unleash his ruthless side in order to protect Lulu from Anthony. Nikolas will take no prisioners and hits Anthony with everything he has. Nikolas wants Lulu removed from Shadybrook. Wants her with him.The Doctors and Lucky don't think that is the right move.Lucky and Nikolas have words pertaining to Lulu's condition.Nikolas wants Lulu to see Johnny. Lulu tells Laura what really happened to Rick Webber. Claudia has Lulu's fate in her hands.

Spixie... Spin gets hits by a car. Maxie tells Matt to save Spinelli, or she'll tell his secret. Spinelli tells Liz about Sasha and Sasha goes to Jason.

J-Lex... Jerry and Alexis will have a parting of the ways for a bit. Alexis takes Sam's words to heart which in turn hurts Jerry's feelings. He will go to Karpov and prove his loyalty in a harsh and unforgiveable way.

MobWar... Sasha tries to make a deal with Sonny.

Kax... August 27: Jax humiliates Kate - much to Carly's delight. Kate is humilated by Jax's revelation. Jax puts a stunned Kate in her place. Jax outs to the press that Kate is Connie Falconeri and that he's pulling out from the Crimson venture. Jax finds out that Kate lied about Carly not giving Jax the message. Kate wants to take off to Sonny's island. 9/1 Kate and Jax confront Sonny and Carly about their one night of passion.

Skate... That uninvited wedding guest from Connie Falconeri's past will cause Skate plenty of trouble, and give them quite a bit of airtime, at least, into the New Year.

CarJax... Carly is estatic when Jax and Kate fight.

Nikadine... Robin and Liz give Nadine advice about Nik.

What will Happen Today:
Sasha comes on to Jason but is turned down flat. Spinelli gets the wrong idea about Sasha and Jason. Trevor warns Alexis about the consequences if Johnny doesn't go free. Sonny goes to Lulu and then warns Johnny about her condition. Johnny has to decide whether or not to confess in order to save Lulu. Nik tells Nadine that she's better off without him. Robin has a girl talk with Nadine regarding her prince.

Daily Breakdowns:

Episode: "Spinelli is Hit By a Car"
Spinelli is hit by a car while on a stakeout with Maxie; Alexis catches Claudia snooping around in her office.

Episode: "Maxie Warns Matt"
Maxie warns Matt that she'll destroy him if Spinelli dies; Claudia tracks down Ric in New York City.

Episode: "Kate is Humiliated"
Kate is humilated by Jax's revelation; Matt blames Spinelli's infection on bad medication.

Episode: "Lulu's Confession"
Lulu tells Laura what really happened when Rick Webber was killed; Kate insists on going to Sonny's island.

Episode: "In Danger"
Matt puts himself in danger when Jerry overhears his confession; Jax makes an enemy out of Karpov.


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