Thursday, August 21, 2008

8/21 Spoilers (Updated @12:30 est)

Scrubs... The babies name is rumored to be Matilda Scorpio-Drake. There's a song called Waltzing Mathilda that Robert supposedly sang to Robin when she was a child and he sings it to her again or actually I think she sings it to him, when he's sick on NSII and somehow that becomes the baby's name. The baby is rumored to be born Nov 3. Robin is rumored to accept Patrick's proposal on Oct 21 and they decide to get married right away but she goes into labor before they can.

Wednesday, September 3
Anna questions Robin’s reasons for not accepting Patrick’s proposal.

Friday, September 5
The pressure of everyone wanting her to accept Patrick’s proposal takes its toll on Robin.

Wednesday, September 10
Robin might be having a change of heart about marriage after all.

Jolu... Lucky and Nikolas continue to differ about what is best for Lulu. Lucky wants Lulu as far away from Johnny as possible. Nikolas believes Johnny can help.Lucky is angry when Sam takes Nik's side. Nikolas seeks guardianship over Lulu. Lucky protests and goes to the Q's for help. Nikolas is clear that with Lucky that he will do whatever it takes to help Lulu, even if it means letting her see Johnny.Tracy comes back and wants Lucky to have guardianship.

Liason... August 29 Jason gives into his feelings for Liz. Sept 2 Jason sacrifices his happiness to protect Liz.

Spixie... Spinelli will have to have his spleen removed after he is hit by the car.

Matt... Someone overhears Matt on the phone and it's not Nadine, Matts in danger.

Todays GH

Lucky refuses to help Lulu see Johnny.Claudia is fed up with Johnny's focus on Lulu.Lulu asks Jason to help her.Patrick proposes to Robin.Liz tells Nik that Emily would want him to find happiness again.Nikolas invites Nadine out to Wyndemere.


Actor Chad Allen will be on Nightshift as a love interest for Kyle. Chad is best known for playing Matthew Cooper on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. In the storyline, Eric is introduced as a patient in need of a liver transplant. First-year resident Kyle Julian (Adam Grimes) will help Eric's family find a suitable donor, while developing a relationship with him in the process. He will first appear Sept 23.

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