Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8/27 Spoilers and More

JoLu.... Johnny looses his cool with Claudia. Johnny tells Claudia that Lulu is part of his life and if she won't accept that than she can't be part of his life anymore. Johnny vows to Lucky that he and Lulu have a future and he is not going to let him take it away. Nikolas tells Johnny that Lucky plans to have Lulu declared unfit. Johnny and Lucky have words. Johnny tells Lucky that he isn't getting out of Lulu's life for anyone or anything so he just better get used to it. Nikolas agrees that Lulu has to leave SB. Nikolas tells Lucky get into a heated argument where Nikolas tells Lucky he isn't loosing Lulu because of Johnny, he's loosing her because of himself.

Nikolas promises Lulu that he will do what is best for her.

Lulu/Laura... Lulu tells Laura that she was able to clear her name. Then she admits to killing Logan.

Maxie urges Diane to find Jason and let him know about Spinelli’s condition. Spinelli is delusional when Sasha pays him a visit.

Karpov goes to Carly and tells her that Jax is in trouble if he doesn’t back off.

Scrubs... Robin loves Patrick but remains firm in her decision to stay single.

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