Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8/5 Spoilers & More

Mob War??? Jason sends Karpov a message by exploding one of Karpov's shipments, Sam is on board when this happens. . Jerry tells Kate that Sonny working with Karpov is very dangerous.Karpov feels like he has an ace in his pocket by being in cahoots with Sonny. Jerry stops by and warns Kate that Sonny being in league with Karpov is not a smart idea. Carly and Claudia bond over their Kate hate. Jason doesn't like Sonny's women and Sonny doesn't like Jasons. Rumors are circulating that Jason's new employee Cody could be playing both sides.

Liason.... Monica will have more scenes with Liz, Jake and Cameron soon. Liason will pickup leading to fall Sweeps. Liz has some scenes coming up with the Mob man in town. Liz and the new guy have a run in outside of Kelly's Liz is with Jake the new guy makes a comment on Jake blue eyes. The new guy doesn't know who Liz and Jake are.

Spixie... Maxie and Spinelli are stalled because some people on set want to push for the famous "Shelle" pairing while others are heavily interested in "Spixie" They are testing both to see which on clicks the best. Maxie and Spinelli will be working together to get info on Karpov..

Quartermaines... We'll get to see them and they'll do what they do best, Fight.

Laura.. Scott goes to see her but he is denied access.

Scrubs.. They'll have talks about space in Robin's house, the baby's room and baby shower. Patrick is rumored to have some interesting news.

J-lex.. Expect to see heated scenes between Jerry and Alexis. Guza doesn't want Jerry to become soft and NLG is pulling for a fatal attraction type s/l. NLG thinks that viewers can sympathize with a woman falling for a guy that is not good for her. Alexis will be revisiting her Cassadine past and look for her daughter to figure in. Jerry isn't using Alexis. Jerry's feelings for Alexis are quite real. He continues to persue her and attempts to protect her and her family when things get dangerous. Alexis and Jerry will dig deeper into what their relationship is all about and how Jerry doesn't like having weakness.

Matt.... Nadine and Matt have another date.

Skate... Sonny and Kate's rumored wedding date is September 26 with an added twist of mob violence.. There is a rumored shoot out that will occur.

Many calls centering on poor representation of female characters. Fans clamouring for more females not focused on MOB, Jason, Sonny and behaving badly. Changes ARE coming. Writing staff with currents swirling. Much jostling for position and direction of where GH is going. Guza chooses to believe fans will turn in for more MOB, it they do not changes will be immediate. Many people are calling about Becky Herbst status on the show with her upcoming anniversary and why she isn't being used. It actually promted a meeting. Kemo is pushing for scenes with NLG.

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