Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/6 Spoilers & More

Mob War??? Trevor is going to threaten Kristina and this time Sonny comes after him. Sonny has had it up to hear with Trevor and Anthony after Anthony pushes him too far. Alexis informs Jerry that if he's involved in another crime like the MC Crisis she will see to it that he gets a life sentence. Sonny gets in to deap with Karpov and when he tries to pull out its too late. Jason apologizes to Sonny. Jerry is ordered to Kill Jason.

Shootout coming??? A rumored small shootout is coming. Lucky saves Sam's life who then saves Liz.

Battle of the Wifeys.... Kate and Carly finally take their distaste for eachother to physical fight and Kates shows Carly she is not weak. Kate could come in as Jax and Carly are attempting to make their marriage work. Claudia and Kate go toe to toe..

On the Run... Johnny realizes he can't handle Lulu's condition. The cops come to where they are staying and nope there not after Lulu and Johnny but Sal, Lourdes' brother. Johnny is ready to turn himself in if it means Lulu will get the help she needs.

Clic/Naudia... Claudia has sex with Ric, and later on she regrets it and runs to Nik where they kiss. Rick Hearst confirmed that his first scenes back from vacation is a shirtless one.

Skate Wedding... Sonny and Kate do marry but someone dies at the reception.

Spinelli... Spinelli will go on a stakeout with Jason, where he suffers from heatstroke in the hot car. Spinelli will be taken to the ER and given a scary diagnosis.

Lusam.. LuSam tells Liz the truth.

New Woman for Jason.. Rumors say the blonde attorney for Karpov make take an interest in Jason. Rumors also say that Liz gets the wrong idea when they are witnessed together and Liz confides in Sam about what she has seen.

Liason.. Robin tells Liz to be a family with Jason. Jerry is ordered to Kill Jason and Claudia comes across Jason and Carly in the warehouse.

Shootout.. Now it seems the shootout is between Jason, Carly and Claudia. Jerry calls Karpov and tells him Claudia showed up and ruined the hit on Jason. Karpov tells him he doesn't want Jason knowing it was them and Jerry tells him it'll be no problem and he'll have an alibi. He heads over to see Alexis.

*** If you watched NS last night you found out the Scrubs baby is a Girl...

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