Thursday, August 7, 2008

8/7 Spoilers & More

Skate... Rumors suggest that Sonny may not tell Kate about his dealings with Karpov. Rumors suggest a rocky wedding before during and after.

A double Crosser.. Rumors say that one of Jason's employees are working both sides and it could be Cody Paul.

Spixie... Maxie will uncover information on Matt while shes digging for info on Karpov.

Liason.. Steve Burton mentioned working out for a shirtless scene and it seems the couple may be getting intimate again. Some rumors are indicating it is a good bye for the couple while others say its the beginning of them being an actual couple.

Drug Ring... Sam will be the one to tell Liz about her and Lucky's plan. Liz may just join in as well. Rumors have Sonny ending his dealing with Karpov which could result in the shootout when Jerry is ordered to kill Jason.

ASJ on GH.. ASJ said he wouldn't be against a reunion on GH now rumors are flying that he will be seen on GH.

Kristina.. While yesterdays rumors said that Trevor would threaten Kristina now Anthony will be as well he'll be around Kristina which will scare Alexis.

Spinelli... As yesterdays Rumors suggest Spinelli suffers from heatstroke while he is in the car during a stakeout. When he's taken to the hospital Matt suggests that Spinelli has a brain tumor.

J&R... Robin tells Jason she wants him to be apart of her daughter's life. Pat overhears and is not thrilled with Robin letting a mob boss have access to their daughter. Robin understands then has a conversation with Liz about Jason.

Frons... Frons announced that Guza and Vanessa Marcil have been in talks.

Dates to Remember...

August 19 Patrick is a nervous wreck over the thought of raising a daughter and goes overboard in trying to make up for his past chauvinistic behavior. Robin sets the record straight when Anna jumps to the wrong conclusion about Patrick.

August 20 Robin warns Nadine about the downside of getting involved with Nikolas. Johnny and Sonny talk

August 21 Patrick proposes to Robin in a very public way. Lucky and Lulu have a heart to heart

August 22 Robin gives Patrick an answer to his marriage proposal. Lulu really looses it

August 28 Robin’s family and friends think she’s making a big mistake.

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