Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Genie Francis: Laura awakens!

Genie Francis fans have been waiting for this moment patiently for 2 years. Two years ago we were playfully teased when Robin gave Laura an experimental drug that allowed her to wake up from her catatonic state. Laura quickly deteriorated as she started to remember killing Rick Webber. Before we knew it Laura was Catatonic once again. Now, two years later Genie Francis is back Aug 26. Johnny and Lulu are captured in Shadybrook when Johnny takes Lulu to Shadybrook for help. Scott Baldwin father of Logan shows up with Mac the Police Commissioner to arrest Johnny. Lulu is erratic and then they put a straight jacket on her. In Soap Opera Digest Brandon Barash Says

"It is a dramatic take down and separation. Johnny harbors a lot of love for Lulu. She kins that. He's never tried to help anyone in this situation before and he's at his wits and because he knows that he can't help her anymore. The things we do for love."

Lulu's brothers Nik and Lucky try to help her but Scott Baldwin is torments her to testify against Johnny. Lulu goes to her mother, Laura for help. Before Lulu knows it Laura awakens for the first time in years. Lulu always reaches out to Laura for not having in her life for much of it. Lulu can feel Laura touching her hair and realizes Laura is awake. In Soap Opera Diges Genie Francis Says

"The mother/daughter connection is strong and what wakes her
up. It is stronger than the illness. "

Genie Francis is expected to be on until October. Genie Francis previously stated that she would love to be on longer than 3 months.

*** Soap Opera Network has learned that actress Genie Francis will return to the role of Laura Spencer on ABC Daytime's "General Hospital" beginning Monday, August 25. Previously it was reported the actress would return on Tuesday, August 26

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