Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-Up

Nadine kisses Nik.... Rumors say that Nik doesn't react the way Nik wants when she kisses him. He explains he's still grieving and is not ready to move on. Nadine is embarassed but Nik reassures her the two are still friends. Nadine questions if she should quit the clinic but Nik explains how much of an asset she is. Nadine later tells Leyla about what happens and she says she'll be patient on when Nik is ready to move on and she'll be there. She won't feel the same when she walks in the clinic and witnesses Claudia and Nik kissing.

Clic... Rumors have them being a true love story. Claudia will replace Liz as his ideal woman so Ric can finally move on. Claudia wasn't expecting to fall hard for Ric. Claudia will turn on Trevor and confess everything to Ric. Claudia will play the ultimate role of healing the rift between Sonny and Ricand putting them on even ground once again.This story is going to get major airtime and a major publicity pushin the next few months and make no mistake that it is a love story. Rick is very excited about it because he will get to showcase the passionate sidethat he only barely got to touch before with Elizabeth before it was ripped from him.Claudia isn't going anywhere and she's going to dominate.

J-lex... Jerry rethinks his association with Karpov. Jerry will show he'll do anything to protect Alexis but may not prove it the best of ways. Trevor warns Alexis.

Russian Mob... Karpov and the rushing mob was brought in to allow the Zacharra's and Jason to coexist and join forces to defeat them. Guza likes the Zacharra's and doesn't want them to be the main enemy at this time. The Russian mob we'll be shown to be involved heavily with illegal drug trafficking, which as well all know on this show is the ultimate evil because Sonny and Jason said it was. Women get threatened, people get killed.

Matt.. Matt is a Drake. It won't be told until after the mob story. Plan is for him to end up in a triangle with Maxie/Spinelli. He's not a drug runner either. Not getting a great reception so far though, it's mainly dislike or apathy, they're most concerned about the apathy right now. Rumors say Matt is actually with the DEA.

Scrubs... Pat and Robin won't be on GH much until around Oct. Most of their time will be on NS. Anna tries to sit Noah down for a deep conversation. They’re very much attracted to each other. Patrick and Robin have a tough time facing the fact that Anna and Noah may become involved romantically. But they’re doing a fair job of resolving this for themselves. Scrubs will have their baby on GH. When Scrubs finds out the Sex of the baby everything becomes real to them.

MobWar??? Jason feels he has to presume that Sonny betrayed him. Jason shares his feelings with Carly who is equally upset about the betrayal. Jason tries to find a loophole in Sonny's betrayal. Jason wonders if Sonny was telling the truth when he said he didn't commit trachery with Karpov in any way. Carly doesn't require any convincing she tells Jason to treat him as he would any enemy. Carly goes and drinks with Karpov at the MC. One thing goes to another and she is at the warehouse kissing him. Jason prevents things from going father and tells him to get away from Carly. Carly presents Spinelli with Karpov's PDA. Spinelli finds disturbing information that the next hit is on Carly. Karpov is called a "lady killer' Karpov is rumored to go after woman and children of enemies and associates and Carly is next. Sonny grieves the end of his friendship with Jason. Kate is full of questions about what is going on. Sonny targets Karpov for destruction. Carly thinks of the work anticipating that Jason and Sonny will do damage on opposite sides. The new mob guy starts this week. Carly's plan backfires and she is in deap. Jason got a double crosser... Rumors say it is Cody. The evilness of Karpov could unite the Z's and Corinthos-Morgans

Shootout.. Why earlier rumors said Lucky would have to choose to save Sam or Liz. Now rumors are saying Lucky will try to protect both women. He can't get to Liz though only Sam. Rumors say that Sam is hurt.

On the Run... John panics when Lulu is missing. Lulu has a panic attack. Lulu realizes she's going crazy. Lourdes seizes an opportunity with Johnny.

Cody.. Cody is back and will have more scenes with Jason. Rumors say he may double cross Jason.

Head Writer??? Rumors are that Bob Guza was fired and the new writer is James E Reilly.

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