Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-Up

JoLu... Lulu sees Logan again. This time it gets more brutal and disturbing. Realizing Johnny is the only one that can calm her, Nik urges Lucky to let Lulu see him since Jason already brought her to the PCPD. Lucky refuses until Nik makes him see that Johnny is the only one that can calm her down. Johnny doesn't tell Lucky the truth about Lulu. Jason breaks Lulu out of Shadybrook because Lulu gets to him she asks him if Jason had only one chance to see Liz and the Kids again wouldn't he take it??? Sonny visits Lulu on Wednesday he tells Johnny that Lulu is very fragile and he is worried. Claudia strikes Scott. Monica and Edward appear on Tuesday. Johnny breaks at the thought of not having Lulu in his life. He got a taste of a life he never thought possible and now he refuses to let his family or anyone take that away from him. Lulu tries to walk away but Johnny will fight and vow that he and Lulu have a future even if she can't see it now. Claudia is a women with secrets. Her baby brother is about to find out a big one that may just switch his loyalties. but don't count Claudia out. She will never just let Johnny walk away from her. Shocking herself Carly, urges Lulu not to walk away from Johnny.Johnny and Lulu are the story Guza wants to tell. Laura's return should shock all.

Nikadine/Naudia... Nikadine waltz on their date. The date happens FridayNikolas goes to Laura to talk about Nadine. Nik kisses Nadine this week and Claudia next week.

Liason... Liz has a scene with AZ on Thursday. He threatens the boys, and mentions Jason and Ric. she is rattled. AZ gets interuppted because he is told Johnny is at the PCPD. AZ knows Liz is connected to Jason and he makes that perfectly clear. Jason does something about it.

Scrubs... After Robin takes off on Patrick, Matt tells Epiphany and Leyla that Patrick will be cheating on Robin and to remember they heard it from him first. On Friday Pat tells Robin he wants to marry her for her and not the Baby. It ends with Robin saying no for the week. Pat interupts Matt hitting on Leyla and yes Anna walks up and yes Leyla says she in intriqued by the Matt/Patrick arguing and yes Leyla warns Patrick that Anna saw and so Patrick runs off to tell her the truth but Robin thinks it is nothing tells Anna, tells Patrick she knows he is not getting back with Leyla that he is just freaking out because he is having a girl.

Skate... One of them will be hurt at the wedding. Sonny finds Kate in her dress on Friday, he hugs her and pricks his hand and blood ends up on her dress. Kate thinks its bad death and is foreshadowing something else. Kate tells Sonny, Jason can't be trusted and is looking for a way to lure him back to the mob. Kate is getting a backstory. Don't expect Olivia to show up anytime soon but there are things Sonny doesn't know about Kate that will come to light shortly after "it" happens. it" will be bad and shocking and will precipitate the mob war to end all mob wars that is coming in November. But Sonny and Kate aren't physically hurt, so don't worry about that.

Jason... Jason is haunted by the fact he could have killed Karpov's daughter. He aims at Karpov, his daughter runs into the room and he aborts the hit. Sasha stops by Jason's PH
She unbuttons her top and drops it to the floor. Underneath is a lacy camisole. She drops her top, he picks it up, throws it at her and orders her out. She's there on Karpov's behalf. When Jason isn't interested in making a deal, she tries a different approach. It fails.

LuSam... Sam says to lucky that she isnt about to be killed when she's finally found the guy she wants to be with. This happens today they are cutesy enough that liz figures out the break up was a fake when she arrives. When Liz arrives Lucky is in the kitchen making food while Sam and Liz bond. Liz tells Sam not to give up on Lucky that he will never let her down. Lucky asks Liz to look after Sam while he rushes to check on Lulu.Sam is grazed by the bullet and required 6 stitches which Liz takes care of.

CarJax... Carly gets away from Karpov on the pier today and has a nice picnic with Jax at the MC hotel room. Carly talks to Lulu.

Spixie... Alot of scenes this week. Spinelli gets hit by a car. Spinelli only announces to Maxie on 8-20 that Jason is sleeping with Sasha and Jason overhears and goes off.

J-Lex... Jerry is dealing with Karpov, Karpov thinks Jerry is workig for Alexis, but Jerry swears he isn't. Alexis will be dealing with Johnny and Trevor at the PCPD. She begs johnny to take a plea, for the sake of her kids safety. Trevor intervenes. That happens Tuesday. Scotty comes into this on Thursday and yells alot. Alexis finds out what Sam is upto.

Matt... Matt will be Mac's son, not sure if this one is true but god I'd love it. Matt will be hinted to be related to a lot of people. There are going to be tease that he's Patrick's brother, Jerry's son and even somehow related to Spinelli but they're just teases that IMO wil be dropped or go nowhere. Why Matt is staring at Scurbs it is about his Mom who was with a guy that was cheat and left her pregnant to raise her son on her own. That is the anvil. It has nothing to do with Scrubs except for the fact that Matt sees his mother in Robin and his dad in Patrick. In reality though, that could not be farther from the truth now. Matt is definitely getting a family backstory.

Sasha/Jason... Maxie thinks Sasha and Jason are together and its a plot point pay attention to the dialogue and remember it. Pay careful attention to what Spin says while all of this is going on. It leads to something else in a couple of weeks.

Lainey... She will see Lulu in Shadybrook and she'll also be a witness to Patrick's proposal later on in the week

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