Friday, August 22, 2008

8/21 Spoilers updated @1

JoLu... Laura senses Lulu is in danger and defies medicine. She helps her daughter hope for the future and finds out a secret from her past as well. Ric promises to be the one the helps Johnny and he promises an acquittal and Claudia is impressed. "This is a poignant mother/daughter story and you will find out whether this is real or imagined. Luke will fall into this when he returns. The Spencers will end up in a new place at the end of this, ALL of them." LuLu needs her mother now more then ever, will Laura stick around for good this time? Johnny sets LuLu free, but where does that leave his heart?

Spixie... Spinelli’s health takes a nose dive and Maxie is frantic to turn things around for him.

Naudia/Nikadine... Nikolas passes Claudia’s test and she’s finally convinced that they are on the same page. Nikolas and Nadine make love , later on Nikolas pulls away again.

MobWar... Karpov and Anthony are rumored to form an alliance to take down Sonny and Jason along with everyone they love starting with the ladies in their lives. Jason starts to crack and Spinelli is determined to not let his enemies see it . Karpov exits after Jason/Sonny and The Zacarra's team up to bring him down in November.

Skate... Kate and Carly are hiding separate secrets, will things explode when truths are told? Sonny tells Jason he needs protection for Kate because he's worried Karpov might try to send Sonny a message now that Sonny has put a stop to their deal. When Kate reports to Sonny that she's seen men following her, she suspects they're Jason's men. She thinks Jason is trying to get Sonny back into the mob and is not respecting Sonny's wish to leave it all behind. Sonny calls Jason over, angry over the fact Kate has seen his men and she's worrying and not focusing on the wedding. Jason tells him he was protecting her just like Sonny asked but Sonny didn't want guards being seen or upsetting Kate. When Kate arrives unexpectedly, Sonny throws a punch at Jason in order to throw Kate off the real topic and yells at Jason to quit coming around because he's not interested in his offers and to stop trying to scare him by having men follow Kate. He and Jason get into a screaming match because Jason is fed up and Kate screams at Jason to get out of Sonny's house, announcing she's just called 911.

CarJax... Carly and Jax get closer to reconciliation, so she confesses what she’s been doing with Karpov. Jax goes to Karpov and ends up with a lethal new enemy. Jax also gets in Kate’s face for setting Carly up. Kate finds out about sonny sleeping with carly and question sonny's feelings for her . However Jax doesnt believe it when Kate later tells him about it because according to him Kate is just trying to break up his marriage again , Carly goes along with it .

Matt... Jerry is on the scene this week, too. He’s instrumental in digging up dirt on Dr. Matt Hunter. Matt hunter reveals that he's a Scorpio.

Scrubs... Robin is elated with her news but her family and friends aren’t. Robin starts to have complications with her pregnancy

Liason... Jason and Elizabeth act on their feelings for each other. Liz meets Sasha. Jason and Elizabeth's scene in the studio is reminiscent of their first kiss but will it end the same? Monica with a suspended medical license has a lot of free time on her hands, will she spend it spying on Jake? Today at the studio Liz lays her heart on the line and tells Jason how she feels about everything going on including what she wants. He responds with a kiss. It picks up Tuesday where IMO even a Liz hater will feel bad for her.

LuSam... The concept of adventure for this couple is having Sam raped and then pregnant with her rapists "miracle" baby. The daddy/rapist is rumored to be Karpov. The hero ala L&L2 re-done-- Lucky. Jerry will play a factor in this story as well. Watch for him to try and help for Alexis' sake. He manages to make it worse for all involved. A WTD story is rumored to be done. One of Karpov's workers catches on what Sam and Lucky are doing but doesnt tell , he blackmails Sam instead.

J-Lex... Alexis is brought to the hospital because of the amount of stress she's been feeling lately and is offered medication , Jerry vows to bring Anthony and Karpov down . Alexis worries for her 2 little girls, but should she be more concerned for her oldest daughter? Jerry has committed many crimes, will they finally catch up to him?

Ric... Ric and Sasha get to know each other

***Wally (Ned) was approached THIS WEEK about a possible return.

Dates to Remember:
Friday August 22nd:
Spinelli’s and Maxie’s stakeout doesn’t go off as planned.Lulu is in bad shape after having another vision of Logan.Robin makes a decision about Patrick in her life.
Monday August 25th:
A mother's love results in a miracle for Lulu.Spinelli's life is in danger.Claudia goes to Ric for help in clearing Johnny.
Tuesday August 26th:
Laura helps Lulu feel hopeful for her future.Claudia realizes that Nikolas is truly her ally.Carly admits to Jax what she's been up to with Karpov.
Wednesday August 27th:
Spinilli's health takes yet another nose dive and Maxie loses it.Jax confronts Kate for her actions against Carly.Ric informs Scott and Alexis that he will get Johnny acquitted.
Thursday August 28th:
Karpov becomes Jax's newest enemy.Lulu tells Laura a secret from her past.Robin's support system doesn't support her decision.
Friday August 29th:
Jerry overhears a confession from Matt.Visions of Logan are trapped in Lulu's mind.Jason and Liz give in to their emotions.
Sept. 12, Sonny and Jason come to blows
Sept 15 Kate calls the Police on Jason.
Sept 24 Jason isn't invited to Skate's wedding.
(Liz won't be at the wedding)

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I don't feel bad for liz at all.. I don't know why they're pushing Liason I want Jasam back