Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spoiler Outlines

Skate... There wil be a wedding. The "old" Sonny will come out to play when something happens at the wedding.

Mobwar??? There will be a big story involving Spinelli, Maxie, Liz and Carjax surrounding the wedding. Jason's leadership skills will be put to the test. Sason will be in extreme conflict like you've never seen. Max will be in trouble because Maximus Max and Milo's father is under the impression that Max is the Mob boss. Maximus develops a thing for Diane. Maximus first airs 9/15.

CarJax... Carly won't be able to keep herself out of Sonny and Jason's business. Jax will go back to his ruthless corporate side. Things will get worse before better.

Counterfeit drugs... Nik and Nadine will get closer. Lusam will be an adventure couple. Spixie will have their own on and off again romance and Matt will factor in. Matt has another PC connection.

Lulu/Laura... Luke will be involved when he gets back and the Spensers will be at a new place after this.

The Zacharras... We will see a new side of Claudia and Anthony. Claudia will find out what happens when someone gets to her. The jury will be key in Johnny's trial with a mix of old favorites and new ones.

The Q's... Monica is sober and dealing with it. Edward will claim financial difficulty to get out of jury duty for the trial. He will have a large role in the trial.

Scrubs... The baby will be born end of October.

No word yet if Jagger is coming back to GH once NS ends.He says that they have to talk to the people in charge but he is open to it. Says that if they play their cards right Stone could be Brenda's child. Says anything could happen even Cari Shayne coming back as Karen.

Comings and Goings:

Chad Allen (Eric Whitlow) - love interest for Kyle on NS.
Finola Hughes - 3 episodes of NS

JJY - Mac visits his ailing big brother on 9/2

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