Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/2 Spoilers and More

Back From Vacation and now for the scoop:
Liason.... Sasha and Liz have a run in. Jason has several enemies at his heels all looking for a weakness. Anthony may make another alliance in town. Jason recieves some helpful advice from an unknown source.

Jolu... Lulu gets a shocking blast from the past. This person helps Lulu deal with Scott. Johnny is not to pleased by this person's presence. Johnny warns his family that if they attempt to throw LuLu under the bus to protect him they will suffer the consequences. Claudia finally knows that Johnny is covering for LuLu is tempted to save her brother at any cost. Ric and Scotty go no holds bared in court. Edward makes no bones about his opinion during the trial. Lulu tells Johnny she loves him at his trial right before she confesses

Skate... Carly's hatred for Kate is all the more rekindled after the outing of Carson sex. Carly had just gotten back with Jax and Jax hearing the news is a double blow to them. Carly is determined to see Kate pay. How will Kate's past play into this? Could this end up revealing Kate's ties to the mysterious Olivia? Alexis worries for her bestfirend. As Jerry remains watchful of Jax's feelings towards everything related to Karpov. Sonny is heartbroken when the news is revealed shortly before the wedding, will one even take place now. Sonny is on a mission to make sure it happens and that Kate knows that it took place out of grief, not out of love. His heart is with Kate. Kate wonders if Carly will always be apart of Sonny. Kate and Sonny do work out there problems and marry leading up to sweeps.A grand wedding will take place. Expect Kate's morose feelings of foreboding to come true when something bad takes place. Carly attacks Kate for telling Jax about the limo sex, Kate slaps Carly and tell her she'll break her if she ever goes near Sonny again. Carly's words to Sonny cause him to go down memory lane right before his wedding to Kate. Mike will serve as Sonny's best man. Morgan will not attend the wedding but Kristina will.Jason doesn't get an invite.Carly shows up, much to the surprise of both the bride and groom, sans Jax. Jax's arrival then surprises everyone, including Carly.Spinelli/Maxie, Robin/Patrick, Jerry/Alexis, Diane/Max and Nikolas/Nadine attend.Ric causes heads to turn when he shows up with Claudia on his arm.Sam and Lucky are still "broken up" so they are unable attend together. Lucky asks Liz to be his date in order to continue with the ruse that he and Sam are apart but she declines. After much insistance, Liz agrees to meet him there if she changes her mind.
J-Lex... Kate and Sonny do work out there problems and marry leading up to sweeps.A grand wedding will take place. Expect Kate's morose feelings of foreboding to come true when something bad takes place. Jerry and Sasha find that they like each other and the things they have in common. Alexis see them together and is not pleased.

LuSam... Lucky declares his love for Sam. Lucky and Sam find more adventure. Sam lies to Lucky for the first time and lucky is crushed when he finds out, he's worried that sam is going back to her old ways.

CarJax... Things for Carly and Jax get worse before they get better. Jax revisits his former ruthless business roots. Alexis wants to draw up divorce papers for Jax immediately upon hearing about Sonny and Carly limo sex. Jax wants to hold off because once the ball starts rolling, there is no going back. Jax takes Carly back after he almost loses her to violence.

Nikadine/Naudia... Nadine and Nikolas bond when Nikolas while Nikolas is haunted over past memoriesNikolas finds a different type of connection when with Claudia. One that shocks them both. Nadine makes herself clear to Claudia. Nikolas and Nadine get closer.
MobWar... Sam's cover slips and Sasha's careful eye gets suspicious Jerry covers up for Sam. Sam grows confused by Jerry. But no more then Alexis. Jerry persists that what he shows on the outside is real but it's only a part of him, the other part is something he believed long dead but it's there and it's feelings for Alexis that have brought that out of him more. However when Sasha pushes Jerry's buttons seeing how far Jerry will go for Karpov and for her, Alexis soon catches Jerry and Sasha in a compromising position leaving Alexis once again questioning what Jerry's motives are. Jerry isn't pleased when Sasha puts Jerry's feelings and relationship with Alexis under scutiny. Alexis soon finds out about Jerry's ties to Karpov and accuses him. Jerry divulges all to Alexis. Jerry insists that he does deeply care for Alexis. Jason's mob leadership will be tested and then some. Max is in hot water with his mobster dad because he led him to believe that he ran the mob personally. Daddy isn't pleased. Daddy also goes after Max's girl.

Matt/Spixie... Patrick will help to save Matt. Patrick and Matt will continue to butt heads. Maxie plays nurse to an ailing Spinelli. Maxie visits Matt and he once again shares more about his past. Maxie is not impressed with Matt's flirtation with Leyla. Spinelli feels as if Maxie sees him as a friend and she's clearly having female attraction to Matt Hunter. Spinelli feels like a familar pattern is happening much like what happened with LuLu, is happening with Maxie and himself. Maxie may never see him as more then a friend. Somekind of dynamic arises between Matt,Maxie,Spinelli and Leyla.

Scrubs... Noah comes back onto the scene and he and Anna rekindle a bit of a romance and share their thoughts on being soon to be grandparents. Noah talks about his failings as a father and hopining to do a better job a grandfather. Anna becomes intrigued while talking to Noah.Robin will have a pregnancy scare, and once again the dangers of what lies ahead of them are pushed into Patrick and Robin's forethoughts. Robin is determined above all else that her daughter is born safely no matter what cost comes to herself. While discussing Sonny and Kate's nuptials, Robin confesses she hates the idea of a big weddings but knows that's what Patrick would want and it's one more reason not to marry him.

L&L... Scott better watch out Luke is on his way....

Heard it Through the GrapeVine:
GH has been in contact with Scott Clifton to reprise his role of Dillion Q. for a short stint for Lulu's story.

Dates To Remember:

9/2 Episode: "Sonny Reassures Kate"
Sonny tries to reassure Kate of his feelings for her; Jerry's witnesses the depth of Karpov's deception. Sonny's island doesn't prove to be as carefree as Kate had thought.Jason puts Elizabeth's safety before his happiness.Claudia puts two and two together regarding the night Logan died.
9/3 Episode: "Jax and Carly"
Jax moves back in with Carly; Tracy visits a recovering Lulu; Jason and Spinelli try to calm a nervous Maxie, who's just been summoned to court. Alexis warns Jax that he will end up with a broken heart. Scott makes a shocking announcement.Anna questions Robin as to why she won't marry Patrick

9/4 Episode: "Death Penalty"
Johnny faces the death penalty; Claudia is called to the stand at Johnny's trial. Kate finds out about the night Sonny and Carly had sex.Johnny is afraid of what Claudia will say on the stand.Maxie moves into Jason's place to take care of Spinelli.

9/5 Episode: "Kate's Revelation"
Kate struggles to accept that Sonny cheated on her with Carly; Nadine's defence of Nikolas lands her in jail. Jax and Kate join up to confront their partners.Maxie is the likely reason a mob war is about to break out.Lulu's fate rests in Claudia's hands.

9/8 Episode: "Jason Warns Maxie"
Jason warns Maxie to mind her own business; Sonny and Carly try to justify their night of passion.

9/9 Episode: "Maxie and Spinelli"
Maxie crawls into bed next to Spinelli; Johnny tells Nikolas to get Lulu out of the country before she's called to testify.

9/10 Episode: "Maxie is Ashamed"
Maxie is ashamed to face Spinelli after her testimony on the witness stand; Robin starts to change her mind about marriage.
9/11 Episode: "Sonny Tries to Win Kate Back"
Sonny tries to win back Kate; Jason pushes Elizabeth away.

9/12 Episode: "Anthony and Trevor"
Anthony and Trevor have a trick up their sleeves; Jason tries to get through to Elizabeth.

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