Friday, September 5, 2008

9/5 Spoilers

The Clinic/MobWar... Sam is nowhere near the clinic when it blows. She's with Lucky. Matt & Nadine are seriously injured when Jerry ignites a bomb he planted. Alexis finds out about Jerry's part in the bombing of the clinic. Sam discovers that it was Jerry.Alexis shuts out Jerry. Jerry persues Alexis. Jerry surprises Sam when he covers for her with Sasha. Then when Alexis is directly hurt because of Karpov's dealings he helps her. Also look for Sasha to try to interfer with Jax. Something Jerry does not like. Sam and Lucky are Fron's new up and coming baby. They will be getting some more push on the show. Sam's undercover work is in jepordy, Sasha gets suspious. But there is more to it. Others get pulled in. Lucky will be more involved. As will Nikolas, Jax, Carly, Nadine, Matt, Jerry, Alexis, and soon Claudia.

The Wedding... Nearly everyone turns up at this wedding, one way or another.A few stolen private moments for Liz/Jason but someone listens in.There is gunfire and an unintended casualty.Kate is not shot but she does get hurt by days end. That along with the shooting has Sonny in a bad place.Olivia and Kate know each others' secrets and that's enough to keep Olivia mostly quiet- for now.

Ric... Rumors say Rick Hearst has agreed to stay on until sweeps. They prepared a powerful exit for Ric, which Rick Hearst is happy about.

Liason... Liz/Jason fans will be happy in November. The secret of baby Jake is finally in major risk. Which once again forces Jason in close contact with Liz. Something that is always a hard thing for them to deal with.

Scrubs... Just when Patrick and Noah seem to reach the peak of bonding as father and son. Patrick will be devestated by the fact that he has a brother. Patrick will resent Matt and Noah. It will once again shake his feelings on being a family man. Robin stands by him. Anna helps Noah with the aftermath. Expect some interesting, Nadine, Matt, Leyla, Spinelli and even a little Nikolas and Claudia stuff coming up. Robin will be faced with the same heartwenching choice many PC women have faced."Who comes first... you or your child.. will you sacrifice your health for your child?"Robin's answer is obvious. Patrick's feelings are very torn.

JoLu... Luke will return. Promtly around the time when Scott's focus turns from Johnny to LuLu. There will be hell to pay when these two arch rivals go at it against eachother.


Friday September 5th:
Jax and Kate join up to confront their partners.Maxie is the likely reason a mob war is about to break out.Lulu's fate rests in Claudia's hands.

Monday September 8th:
Claudia and Johnny don't agree on how to proceed.Carly begs Jax not to leave again.Maxie is a trouble magnet.

Tuesday September 9th:
Johnny asks Nikolas to help Lulu leave the country before it's too late.Maxie and Spinelli end up in bed together.Sam won't let up on Jerry.

Wednesday September 10th:
Scott puts Maxie through rigorous cross examination.Jason teams up with Nikolas to get Lulu out of the country. Could Robin be having a change of heart regarding marriage?

Thursday September 11th:
Lulu takes the stand and it's pure chaos.Sonny pulls out all the stops to win Kate back.Jason pushes Elizabeth away.

Friday September 12th:
Trevor and Anthony have a last-ditch effort in mind.Claudia weaves a tale on the witness stand.Matt and Nadine are in danger thanks to Jerry.

Monday September 15th:
Ric and Claudia arrange for Johnny to call Lulu; Elizabeth refuses to walk away from Jason

Tuesday September 16th
Johnny learns his fate when the jury delivers the verdict; Sam talks her way out of sleeping with Jerry.

Wednesday September 17th
Lulu is thrilled by Johnny's visit; Carly disregards Spinelli and Maxie's idea to try online dating, but later has a change of heart.

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