Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spoilers 9/11 Updated at 4:30est

Whats Not Happening....

  • Jason's enemies finding out about Jake
  • Liz helping out at the Clinic, Nadine took over that s/l.
  • No JaSam LuSam triangle.

Whats In Store... Jason, LuSam, Spixie, and Matt will all be involved in the counterfeit drug ring. Its a big story in October and the repercussions of what they do in October are supposed to be felt in November although it is myunderstanding that some of November is being rewritten as we speak so I wouldn't count on that. But what is coming in October is a lot of the drug story. Liz is not involved in that at all as far as I know. That doesn't mean they are doing Jasam. It doesn't mean that liason won't share any scenes. It just means that she's not involved in the counterfeit drug ring investigation story.

New promotion for GH has started and is geared toward Nov sweeps. The tag line is "Power or Love: Which would you choose?"

Liason... Jason sees Liz in a new light when she refuses to be pushed aside. Liz isn't giving up without a fight. Don't expect to see Liz smile when Jason tries to walk away. Liz wants Jake to know his Dad, Jason is doesn't want him too he's scared Jake will get hurt. Carly accepts Liason, she wants Jason to be happy. Rumors say another Monica Liz scene is coming.

Liason Today:

Today Liz goes to visit Lulu and runs into Jason. He more or less blows her off. She gets pissed and goes to his office. They argue. Meeting with Karpov. Jason hides Liz and then goes into detail about what he did to Karpov's men. He does this for Liz's benefit. He thinks this will show her once and for all what kind of man he is and she'll not want to be around him. Now here's the confusing part. I don't know how Liz leaves the office. I don't know if she just leaves after Karpov does or if Jason leaves with Karpov. But Liz knows what Jason was trying to do so she goes to his PH and tells him that and tells him it didn't work. She starts to leave and he stops her.

JoLu... Lulu will question her sanity again because she will wonder whether or not her mom is real and Johnny doesnt know how to deal with it but he supports her. Laura is real! Johnny is found not guilty. Scott is out for blood. Lulu is still haunted by the murder. No one believes that Laura was up talking to her. Anthony decides that Johnny would be better off if Lulu didn't exist. Its a busy fall. Johnny has to make a difficult decision between the two women in his life.Johnny will choose true love over family loyalty.Look for Nikolas to lend Johnny a helping hand, once he gets out of prison, leaving Lucky and Nikolas at odds. Tracy spies Lulu with a very much awake Laura. However, Tracy believes its best that no one knows Laura is awake, even if it means Lulu second guesses herself.

LuSam... The counterfeit drug will s/l will become bigger when the drugs will be discovered by Lucky and Sam and that's when Jason intervenes because only the other mobsters will be able to stop these people. The story will move very fast after the Skate wedding through sweeps and people will get hurt. Expect to see them naked under a blanket Monday ( can we get these two a bedroom please?)

CarJax... Olivia will be involved with CarJax baby drama. Jax brings Leyla to the wedding the date per-se. Rumors say Carly and Jax will reunite eventually, but not before one of them is expecting.

Skate... Olivia will be a big problem because she blames her cousin Connie for a lot of things that went wrong in her life. Rumors say things go bad to worse when he finds out she kept the secret of his son from him seems like Sonny may have impregnated Olivia.

Spixie... Rumors say Maxie has a secret but she doesn’t know it. It is something she thinks everyone already knows. Spinelli will be the only one to stand by her when it is revealed.

Scrubs: Robin and Patrick will marry after the baby is born. There will be complications to the birth. The ears are not happy with how the HIV aspect of this pregnancy has been ignored so it will play heavily into the birth and aftermath.

  • Tuesday, September 23 Robin's friends and family throw her a baby shower.
  • Wednesday, September 24 After dumping Spinelli, Maxie gives Robin and Patrick baby name advice.
  • Friday, September 26 Robin and Patrick discuss marriage and the future.
  • Tuesday, September 30 Patrick surprises Robin at the cabin. Robin and Patrick celebrate the only way they know how.

Jarly... Remember when Spinelli created a profile for Jason on a dating site. Well Carly makes one and Rumors say their a match.


  • Another couple will marry the first week of November, they are writing the scripts for this right now.there is one script writer that has more power than all of you know, HE was given all the power because of the role he played during the strike.Karen Harris will indeed become Associate headwriter, a title she once held.two new characters will be introduced, one will be liked i think by most of you.
  • Karen Harris promoted as Co-Head Writer.
  • Steven Webber is returning.

Todays Episode:

Thursday September 11th:Lulu takes the stand and makes things worse for Johnny.Ric puts Claudia back on the stand.Jason pushes Elizabeth away.Maxie is ashamed of her past actions and plans to move out of the penthouse.Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie's past behavior is of no consequence to him.Sonny pulls out all the stops to win Kate back, but she returns his ring.


Tom Pelphrey to GH. SOW reported GH was interested in having him on the show. He is reported to play Olivia and Sonnys son.

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