Friday, September 12, 2008

Spoilers 9/12 updated 330 est

Liason.. Looks like they'll come out of the stall after Kate is shot. On Monday, in the the next to last seg is when Liz straddles Jason as he carries her upstairs and last seg is when the shirts come off and they are on the bed. Carly opens the door and it ends with all 3 looking at each other. Rumor says after Kate they'll be stalled until Feb sweeps i think this is untrue but we'll wsee. Things are said to be heavily under wraps.

Jolu... Rumors say Lulu is the first to meet Jerry's son (Karpov's enforcer). The young Jax takes an interest right off the back and does not hide it. Having Lulu come across Karpov's enforcer is a plot point to inject Lulu/Johnny into the big mob story. With Lulu in SB, Johnny and Lulu share a happy reunion.Johnny does his very best to make their "anniversery" special.Lucky shows up and trys to kick Johnny out but Nikolas comes and said he allowed Johnny to visit with Lulu. Johnny breaks Lulu out to take her to the Skate wedding. The aquittal is rumored to come down to Epiphany and Edward's vot.

LuSam... Becoming more of a longterm couple. We'll hear ILY's the week of the 22nd.

Skate... Olivia has been planned for a long time. Rumors say sonny has a long lost child out there. When skate decides to have children he is no longer able to.. Rumors are they are planning on Sorasing Michael if they do, I wonder if Michael and New kid will battle for the business.

Scrubs... 10/3 the proposal is accepted. Scrubs actually have a nice wedding but they are trying to get married when Robin goes into labor. Patrick is determined for them to get married before the baby is born so he drags the minister into the ambulance and tries to get the ceremony done on the way but Robin is going in and out(I'm not sure why) and so they don't get married. That comes later on in the month and I expect it will be a nice wedding.
Why it takes 3 days for Patrick to accept Robin's proposal?? Emergency surgery.You all might like the 3-day wait; Robin is nervous and Patrick tries to respond several times but get's held up. He want's his acceptance perfect and it will be.

Luke/Tracy... Tracy believes Laura is awake. When Luke gets back she tells him that she believes Lulu is telling the truth.

Spixie... Spin and Maxie will get involved in helping Matt investigate the drug ring. Right now I can't honestly tell you that I'm sure Matt and Maxie are the story. I would have said definitely so a month ago, but tptb seem to be really interested in the Spinmax dynamic so that may be something that gets changed.

J-Lex... They rebuild from what they both see as mutual betrayals. Jerry thinks he has Alexis in his pocket right now but what happens when it turns out he doesn't have her in his pocket and she's been out to get him the whole time? Alexis is going to get to do some things where Jerry is concerned that kind of get her a little payback for what he's doing behind her back right now. I wish I could say that her actions are sexual but they're not. However they do hit Jerry where it hurts and that makes him finally realize some things about Alexis. The plan is to rebuild things from there with the usual sweeps story that puts them back on the same side whether they want to be or not. Jerry goes to Alexis and tells her Sam is flirting with him. Alexis confronts Sam who tells her the truth. Rumors say we'll finally learn what Jerry has been up to this whole time.
Carolineonthebeach... Maxie suggest they create a online profile for Jason and create one for Carly. Carly isn't sure about it until she sees Leyla on Jax's arm then she's ready to do it. They check to see who the computer matched her with and its none other than scottiethehottie. Carly and Jason's profile is rumored to match and Jason is not happy about it and Spinelli tells him he created it to show Liz is the RIGHT girl for him.

Nikadine/Naudia... Information that has been shared with me was they would play Nadine and Claudia as light and dark against Nikolas and he would be torn between the good girl or the bad girl.

Weekly Themes

September 15----Daddy Issues
September 22----Here Comes the Bride
September29-----Mass Confusion
October 6----The Truth Always Comes Out
October 13---Is it Safe to Lie again?
October 20----Rock and Roll Lullaby
October 27---Boom
Nov 3----Boom Bang
Nov 10----Boom Boom Bang Bang
Nov 17----Here Comes the Bride Again, (and again)
Nov 24----Things return to Normal. Well, not exactly.

NS... NS3 is a go. NS2 didn't start out as strong this year as it did last year but it hasn't lost any viewers and actually picked up a few the first two or three episodes so everyone is very pleased.

The Sam/Ian/Lucky story originally planned....

the Ian/Sam story with Jerry stepping into the Ian role. This is EXACTLY what was planned last spring(for Ian and Sam) when Guza came back and dropped it. Ian was a bad guy selling drugs; Sam was investigating; they were suppose to play cat and mouse during the investigation, become attracted to one another and HOPEFULLY THIS WON'T HAPPEN fall in love.Jerry has just stepped into Ian's role.I hate this show, they'd hire a newbie to carry Kate's purse around, but they can't hire a newbie to play this throwaway part in a boring SL?Forgive me, the anger is directed at the show, not you.That's fine. They should have kept Seamus. He was a major find. Talented and hot. But Guza had his agenda and Ian wasn't included in this.If you want to really know who to blame for all of this, and for the arrival of Cousin Olivia, I guess you can blame Guza's Claudia obsession. There was suppose to be a marriage of convenience this fall and that was suppose to eat up tons of airtime. It was dropped leaving a gaping hole in storyline and the Ian/Sam(translated Jerry/Sam)story and the Olivia story were dragged off the shelf and stuck in, in the place of the MOC. And that's the truth. I know people want to believe KeMo went to Frons, and she may have, but the story you are seeing now is a direct result of the MOC being dropped.

Conforti/Wolfe had a good Sam story planned with Ian/Lucky/Sam. Pretty much what you're seeing now except it would have been a lot better if not for the sleaze factor involved in Sam playing cat and mouse with her mom's lover. Guza came back, dropped the story and killed off Ian.(Major mistake.) He had plans of his own which I guess really didn' tinclude Sam that much. I don' treally know, but people seem convinced she went to Frons and if she did I would imagine this is when it happened. There WAS suppose to be a marriage of convenience. That would have eaten a lot of storyline. It was dropped. Guza was not on the premises a lot this summer. He was taking care of sick family and probably didn't have time to pen a new story so he took the Ian/Sam/Lucky story off he shelf; and he did the same thing with the Olivia story which is being combined with some plans he had for a Brenda story if VM would have come back. And that's where we are at right now. Is it the optimal way to write a soap? Of course not. But its the way GH has been written for years. ITs not a big change. Guza just found a couple of stories to plug the gaping hole left by the story he wanted to write. That's it.

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