Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spoilers 9/16

Rick Hearst- Gh has made an offer and Rick will be on through sweeps whether or not he signs a new deal. No deal has been reached with Maurice Bernard.

Sean and Tiffany will be apart of Nightshifts two part season finale. Expect to see Anthony Geary reunited with his friends as well.

Skate... Kate and Olivia are not on friendly terms. Olivia is jealous of Kate's life and thinks she isn't who she used to be. Sonny meets with her and asks her to attend the wedding. He wants Kate to have a path back to her roots. She agrees with Sonny. However, Kate and Olivia end up being happy to see each other until an argument ensues. We will learn something about Kate's past as well as Sonny and Olivia. Sonny and Kate prepare to walk down the aisle. Kate and Sonny both are uneasy by Olivia's presense. Carly is curious about Kate's cousin. Kate finds herself is grave danger on what should be the happiest day of her life. Olivia proves to be problematic during times of hardship.

Laura... Laura reconciders on telling Nikolas and Lucky the truth. Laura wants to confront Scotty.

Nik... Nik is quite a brave guy next week. He saves the day and very well I might add. Sasha looks good with a gun against her head. He is working with Leyla to find Nadine. He also tries to buy the MC but Jax refuses to sell. Nikolas is determined to see the person who was behind the explosion at his clinic payNikolas admits her cares for Nadine and would be hurt if anything happened to her

Scrubs... Patrick is deeply affected by what his father did to Matt. He promises Robin that he will never let his daughter grow that way. He wants her to know him and have him in her life. Robin is there. She later speaks with Matt about Patrick. She says some really loving things and Patrick overhears her. Matt realizes he wants to know his brother and they start to form a bond. The situation makes both Robin and Patrick realize how much being a family means to them. Robin recieves a caution about her and her baby's health.

CarJax... Jax is trying to move on, Carly will have to work to win him back. Carly has a few tricks up her sleeves. Jax wants Alexis to go forward with a legal seperation from Carly. Jax and Leyla bond and Carly becomes annoyed. Leyla explains her fears about getting involved seriously with another man whose still emotionally attached to someone else, to Nadine.

Liason... Liz refuses to let go of Jason Jason feels the push and pull of wanting to be with Liz but doing what is best Liz continues to make Jason see what he's pushing away. Liz shares with Robin that she knows that Jason wants to be with her Jason finds himself slowly giving into his feelings for Liz.

JoLu... Johnny tries to make a big sacrafice for Lulu.Claudia will go to drastic means to get Johnny away from Lulu.What Claudia tries, promps Johnny to make that scarafice for Lulu.Claudia will not take losing lightly. Johnny will try to turn his back on his family and mob life for Lulu. Lulu and Johnny's families leave them no choice but to do something impulsive to be together is their wedding bells in the future??? I'll keep you posted.

Spixie... Maxie becomes confused over her feelings for Spinelli.

Ric/Claudia/Nik/Nadine... Ric and Claudia find they have a lot in common. Nikolas and Claudia continue to battle over what is right for their siblings. Ric and Nadine find themselves unhappy over Nikolas and Claudia's connection. Anthony makes a demand of Ric which will certainly destroy any relationship he has with Claudia. Nadine will get caught snooping and will be in hot water with Sasha.

Robert... Tristan will be at the Scrubs Wedding.

J-lex... Jerry is conning Sam but not for the reasons being put out there. He was told by Karpov to keep an eye out for Sam. His loyalty to Alexis was put in question and basically Jerry said he would do anything to find out if Sam was on the up and up and what her true motives were. It was questioned if his relationship with Alexis would take priority over his loyalities and duties to Karpov and if he had the stomache to do what it takes to investigate his lady's daughter. Jerry insisted he could rise to the challenge and prove his loyalty.That does come out when Alexis tells Jerry that she has known of his interaction with Karpov the entire time and knows about Sam as well.Jerry is hurt but agrees that one bad turn deserves another. He wants to start over with everything out in the open. Alexis brushes him off, Jerry says no matter how horrible he is, he does care and he won't give up. Sam taunts Jerry later about how Alexis will never give him the time of day now. Jerry is angry but later on doesn't act out on his feelings and puts Alexis before Karpov. Jerry puts Alexis before his dealings with Karpov.

Matt... Maxie worries over Matt. Matt's accident brings certain truths to light Patrick is devestated and Robin attempts to help him through it. Matt and Maxie talk about the shocking outing of his parentage. Patrick and Matt clash until Robin finds herself in serious danger, the two are forced to help one another to save mother and child.


9/23Episode: "Laying Down the Law"Jason lays down the law to Anthony; Patrick challenges Matt; Maxie vows to convince Carly to attend the wedding.Diane and Alexis clash over what outfitt to wear to the wedding; Lucky warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu.

9/24Episode: "Diane and Alexis Clash"

9/25Episode: "Nadine Snoops"Nadine snoops on the docks and winds up in trouble; Lulu defends her relationship with Johnny to Lucky.

9/26Episode: "Wedding Day"There are many surprises on Kate and Sonny's wedding day; Kate and Olivia get into a huge fight; Nikolas comes to Nadine's rescue when she is threatened by Sasha.

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