Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spoilers 9/18 Updated @ 9est

Skate... Sonny lose it when people keep him from seeing his new wife, Jason is there for him while Elizabeth is determined to hold on to her man this time. Kate's big secret comes out. Kate is confirmed to be getting shot. After Kate is shot Sonny decides he wants him business back. Kate will have a problem with her bridemaid canceling because she is sick. Kate and Olivia have abig fight at the wedding right before kate walks down the aisle and everyone will hear. Mike is Sonny's best man. Kate’s superstitions kick into full gear. Kate’s past comes out and it pleases Carly immensely. Sonny gets a visit from Anthony.

Soras??? George Suarez (Morgan) just taped his last scene. He may not be sorased but just replaced with another boy his age..

Scrubs... Robin wants Patrick to marry her before the baby is born, Patrick doesnt believe it's a good idea. Rumor say they are thinking about making the baby HIV+.

Claudia,Ric, Nadine, Nik... Claudia and Ric give into passion. Monica tells Nik that Emily would want him to move on. After seeing Anthony's manipulations, Ric becomes protective of Claudia. Ric and Claudia have sex. Nadine finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

J-Lex... Karpov and Sasha search for Jerry's weakness and they find it in Alexis Davis.

LuSam... Sam and Lucky fear for Alexis and the kids' safety.

Spixie/Matt... Spinelli walks in on Maxie visiting Matt. Maxie's words about physical attraction were an anvil for her and Matt.

Jolu... Lulu proves shes not as fragile as those close to her seem to think.

Olivia... Carly surprisingly is enthused by Olivia's past relationship with Sonny. Olivia's brother is a non-Mob bad guy.

MobWar... Anthony and Sonny are ready for war while Ric is caught in the middle.

Carly... Jason's words about Carly hooking up with an abusive man were an anvil. Jason says that he used Carly.

Liason... Liz is working when Sonny and Kate get married. . She is attacked by a junkie and cut. She needs stitches and pain meds. The trip is postponed cause of Kate getting shot. they are both disappointed. He tries to point out this is why they shouldn't be together but she stands her ground. Liz becomes sick from the pain meds cause they are fake, this is what puts Jason in the drug s/l.

Guza... Guza is rumored to do a fast forward sequence where we'll see the funeral before we find out whos dead.

Graham Shiels... check out his role in the new HBO Series True Blood. I'm loving him and lets just say Graham is indeed bada$$.

Burton: "Sometime's I just Need a Break"

With rumors circulating that Steve plans to leave his role on GH, SID went straight to the source

His contract is not up for a while, Next Summer, adding that quitting the soap he has called home since 1990 has often crossed his mind. Obviously, I love it here. I wouldn't be here so long if I didn't. But it's there in my head that I need to take a break. What could possibly draw Burton away Port Charles' Mob Scene? Makena and Jack he says. That's really why I started [selling acai berry health juice] MonaVie. I'm working toward retirement. Not necessarily that I'm going to stop working, but retirement being financially free that you don't have to work. I just want to be able to do what I want, go where I want and be with my family.
But Burton's fans shouldn't worry about him exiting stage left just yet. I don't like to make up concrete plans, like "I'm leaving" or "Sign me for another 3 years!!" he admits. "I used to be able to say I feel good. Let's renegotiate and add a couple more years. But now I just can't do it. Having a family changes everything. I work alot, and sometime I need a break. My plate is full" "I hate to think of the idea of leaving here. I really do. But sometimes," Burton conclues with a sigh, "its time for a change"

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