Monday, September 22, 2008

Spoilers 9/22 updated at 5pm est

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Liason... Rumors say that Cody is the one to hurt Liz Remember how Cody is the only person who saw Liason together at the coffeeshop? Well he works for Karpov. He goes after and attacks Liz while having withdrawals from using fake drugs. Also, Liz is revealed as Jason's weakness.

L&L... This fall, the romantic saga of Luke and Laura Spencer begins a new, exciting chapter.

Scrubs... Rumored to named the baby Hunter after who delivers her. I can't imagine the Muffin would be Hunter but I'll keep you posted. Rumor I saw stated that Robert is not Robin's father but Faison is. Robin asks over the loudspeaker on the 30th. Patrick does an exit stage left like Robin did when he asked over the loudspeaker. Patrick has a medical emergency to take care of and in between has convos to show his point of veiw and then on the 3rd he says yes in the Doctors lounge. Robin takes fake meds which puts her and muffin in harm's way. Matt realizes what is taking place and 'saves the day' as it were. They want to honor Matt by naming the child after him and you guys didn't like Matilda. So Hunter it is.

Skate... Yes, they get married.Olivia is short term as of now. This is likely to change if she takes off.Skate is where it is at but the drama is not quite over for them. They have no intention of breaking these two up anytime soon. Olivia's secret is not revealed "at large". The audience finds out what it is.

AZ... Sounds like Anthony can walk. Look for Anthony to be up and about out of his chair and when he hears Trevor coming he runs for it.

Jolu... Luke is back a tad bit earlier than planned. Tracy is going to be very insecure about the new developments with Laura. She does believe Lulu. However, she is not the only one. Luke will be conflicted but he truly does love Tracy.

LuSam... Hearing LuSam take Cake camping.
Event Recap:
From a DD poster
The next few weeks are very good for LuSam. It's both fun (!) and romantic. Yes the the big "L" word is said and has been taped.I had never seen Kelly and Greg together. It was a great experience! Greg as always was a sweetheart. He is truly the nicest man ever. He did say they are trying to give him more material that delves in Lucky's history as a Spencer since this has been lacking since he took over the role. He is really looking forward to working with Tony who begins taping this week! He also said he was loving working with Kelly and even his grandma loves the pairing.Chatting with Kelly was like talking to an old high school friend-- she is hilarious and so sweet. The owner of the club kep trying to move her along quicker but Kelly took her time with everyone. Greatest moment ever-- Greg and Kelly walked onto the stag, took some pics and sat down. They were so welcoming and pumped up! Then someone in the audience pointed out that Greg's fly was open. And Kelly just gasped and said, "O.M.G. Your barn door is down!" The Q&A was great after that start-- Kelly and Greg went back and forth with complients and seemed very excited about what's coming up for them onscreen.

Previews this Week:

Monday 9/22 Lulu fears she was wrong about Laura" Sonny strolls down memory lane; Sam keeps playing Jerry; Lulu is afraid she might have been wrong about Laura.

Tuesday 9/23 Someone hears Lulu's confession" Carly convinces Jason to go with her to Sonny's wedding; Anthony gives Trevor a chance to redeem himself; someone hears Lulu's confession.

Wednesday 9/24 Lucky instructs Johnny to back off Lulu" Kate is afraid that she and Sonny are cursed; Jason arranges a surprise for Elizabeth; Lucky instructs Johnny to back off Lulu.

Thursday 9/25 Carly is pleased to learn the truth" Carly is pleased to learn the truth about Kate's past; Nadine finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time; Sonny gets a threatening visit from Anthony.

Friday 9/26 "Johnny sneaks Lulu out of Shadybrook" Kate and Sonny plan to walk down the aisle; thanks to Jason, Elizabeth is on cloud nine; Johnny sneaks Lulu out of Shadybrook so she can go to the wedding.

10/2 Episode: "Sonny's Revenge"Sonny vows to get revenge on his enemies; Ric and Claudia's mutual attraction continues to build.1

0/3Episode: "Lethal Warning"Jason leaves Karpov with a warning; Nikolas clashes with Jax.

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