Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spoilers 9/25 updated @ 430est

Updated... In the October 14 Instead of the regular "Night Shift" opening theme, the show will use the 1980s title sequence from "General Hospital."

Sept 30th, Jason calls Liz to hospital. They have 1 scene at GH

Oct 1st, this is where Liz tells him she still wants to be with him and he takes her to see Kate and Liz is basically at him and leaves. He thinks he got through to her but he was wrong.

Oct 10th, Liz shows up at Jason's office which is "Max's" office at the time being. She saunters in there like she did a couple wks ago.

Oct 13th is when "Big Pussy" walks in on them kissing.

Peter Alas (Vito Olivia's brother) will come to PC.

Oct 15th Jason comes to the studio and Liz starts a paint fight with him.

Heavy Duty Rumor: Dante Corinthos will be played by Bradford Anderson. An evil look alike of Damien Spinelli. That was where the old spoiler of split personalities comes in. Rumors now are stating that Dante may not be Olivia's son.

JLex... Alexis confronts Sam and Jerry after walking in with them in a compromising position. Jerry thinks he's luring Sam, Sam thinks she's luring Jerry. Neither see Alexis coming. She lets both of them have it. We dont see Jerry's remorse-- not this time. Sam expresses her remorse to Lucky later. Karpov is pushing Jerry with Alexis. Jerry seeks a sense of revenge on Sam.

Scrubs... After Patrick turns Robin's propsal down he regrets it.

LuSam... Lots of pregnancy rumors out their as of right now I believe them to be just Rumors. Read the Italicized with caution: You think they are having a lot of sex now, wait until the week of Oct 6th. Sam is arrested and is carrying Lucky's baby. Lucky not being happy with Liz seeing Jason. His one and only reaction will be next week when Liz tells Lucky and Sam about going away with Jason. Sam intervenes and Lucky relents.

Jolu... When Johnny walks away Lulu must find her strenght and get well on her own!Lulu becomes turned off by love and Johnny once she is out of Shadybrooke. Johnny realizes he was wrong about Lulu but Lulu doesn't want to take the risk againJohnny is heartbroken and does everything he can to make he'd see she can trust him again. Johnny attempts to revert to not caring and will be spending most of his time with Claudia. But when Lulu gets better sooner than he expected and its revealed that she might have not been hallucinating Laura in the first place, Johnny will find a stronger Lulu unwilling to put her heart on the line again. I really dont think their break up is planned to expand that long but it will feed into the larger Luke/Laura/Scottie/Tracy story. Tracy's airtime is going to increase quite a bit with Luke back in town. Feeling abandoned, Lulu finds joy in Luke's return and his belief in her and her strength.

Carjax... Jax will not be back with Carly anytime soon, and is upset at her for involving Nikolas into their hotel contract. Alexis tells Diane she is betraying Kate by representing Carly.

Skate... Olivia will take up residence with Kate, this does not sit to well with Sonny.

The Shooting... Sonny wants revenge. He wants Jason to take action. Jason isn't sure this was a mob hit since it appears they were aiming for Kate not Sonny. Sonny is pissed and he asks Jason if it was Elizabeth was shot, would he take action. I know there's some scenes later in the week with Jason and Spin and Jason and Carly where they discuss what Sonny wants to do verses what Jason is doing. Anthony wants hit Jason close to home.

Liason... Liz is at the airport waiting for Jason on Tuesday when he calls to tell her that Kate has been shot. She comes to the hospital and tells him that nothing has changed. He then takes her to Kate's room and tells her this could be her. She just looks at him and walks out. Spin asks about Elizabeth later and Jason tells him that seeing Kate finally got through to her. Jason and Elizabeth have tender moments at the Studio.


Thursday September 25:Carly learns the truth about Connie Falconeri.Olivia and Kate come to an agreement and Olivia agrees to be the maid of honor.Nadine investigates the docks and gets herself in trouble.Nikolas offers to buy Jax out of The Metro Court, but he declines.Lulu and Lucky argue over Johnny.Elizabeth is thrilled by Jason's invitation.

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