Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spoilers 9/3

The Trial... Johnny faces the death penalty. Lulu has to face Claudia. Lulu admits her guilt on the stand. Nik learns what is happening and he lets his inner Cassadine show to Claudia. Epiphany, and Edward are called for Jury Duty. Epiphany meets a Juror that seems to be interested in her. The judge announces that Johnny faces a death penalty case. Johnny tries to get Claudia to keep Lulu quiet.

Laura... Laura tells Lulu that she needs a nap right before Tracy arrives. She also makes herself scarce when Nik shows up.

Spixie... Maxie meddles in Jason's business. Maxie worries about going to Jail after she is subpoenaed to testify. Expect to see Dr. Hunter with a shaved beard.

LuSam... Sam begins to piece together the connection between Jerry and Karpov.

CarJax... Today, Jax and Morgan help prepare breakfast. Jax commits to their marriage and this time he vows its for good. Jax asks for Carly's help on blue prints for a new home he is building for Lady Jane, but it's really for Carly. Alexis voices her doubts to Jax about the future of his marriage.

Skate... Clarice is bound and determined to tell Kate about Sonny and Carly's limo sex.

Scrubs... Robin is upset with Anna for the online statement she made defending Patrick.

Nikadine.. Nadine thinks that her date with Nik meant more to her than it did to Nik.

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