Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spoilers 9/30 updated @5 est

Updates: The baby's name is Hunter Drake. Matt helps save Robin and he and Patrick bond over it thus he gets the honor and before the wedding Robin agrees the baby should have Patrick's last name, not a hyphenated name. Matt saves Robin during the birth. Robin and Patrick agree on the last name before the wedding attempt and then the baby's first name is given after the birth. Robin says Yes to Patrick in the Park. Karpov has a job for Jerry -- kill Alexis. Kate tells Jax she can't stay with Sonny if he goes back into the mob. Ric and Claudia have sex. Nadine wants to make Nik jealous, so who does she kiss? Spinelli. Scrubs set a wedding date.Johnny figures out Anthony shot Kate -- so he dumps him out of his wheelchair. Tracy tracks down Luke. Sam goes after Jerry.

Patrick acts on Mac's advice. Mac talks about Patrick not wearing his father's shoes and instead letting them out to air. Nadine is convinced Nik is just passing time with her.Johnny and Anthony have it out over LuLu.Cam has a surprise for Sam.Olivia has harsh words for Jason.Elizabeth is upset with Sam and Lucky. Elizabeth's anger is more with Jason but Sam and Lucky get the brunt of it. Jerry goes after Alexis, fails to get through to her and turns his attention on Sam. Kate will be moving into The MetroCourt and selling her home the week of Oct 13th. Sonny and Olivia argue about Claudia and her intentionsRobin reveals to Mac how much she wants her daughter to be brought up by two parentsAfter failing to fall back into his old lifestyle, Johnny starts to regret letting Lulu goNikolas is perplexed by Nadine's actions but a business venture distracts him.

NS3... I'm hearing that JT and KMC don't want to do both GH and NS because the schedule is demanding. I think there headed towards NS because it's a prime time slot.

SoLive... My new Sonny and Olivia squish name seems like their are defiantly some sparks between them and there is already a fanbase starting.

Carly... Hearing there is a Rumor that a Carly Nik scene is coming up where she helps him with his tie. No Carly and Nik. Carly does seem to gravitate to someone new on the canvas. Someone who is tied very closely to someone she's VERY close with. And originally she intends to use him for her own gain. But ends up finding out some interesting things about him that could blow other people's worlds sky high. Carly misinterprets Jax wanting to protect her but Jax sets the record straight. Jax and Carly share some warm moments after he risks his own life to save her. He later insists on taking care of her and Morgan's security by moving them into the MC. They share a kiss. Carly tells Jax she is over Sonny and Jax is now her heart. Too bad it is too little, too late for Jax. Carly decides to "help" by trying to rid Jax of his share of the hotel.

Now fans don't get your hopes up but there is a rumor that Lucky and Sam have Sex 10/3 and conceive the baby. Lucky wonders if Sam has lingering feelings for Jason
Sam assures Lucky that he is the only man she wants. Lucky, Jason and Sam will be working together to expose the counterfeit drug ring.

Sonny's Long Lost Son... rumors still speculate that Bradford will be Sonny's child its not known if its Spinelli or BA is playing duel roles.

Jolu...Johnny gets himself in deep waters literally and figuratively. He goes on a drinking binge after leaving Lulu. He hops in a boat and crashes into Karpov's ship. He is taken in and Scott proceeds to get in his face. Johnny cites the double jeopardy law and happily admits to killing Logan. Claudia and Nik have second thoughts after Johnny dumps Lulu after seeing the pain they are going through.

Tracy may just know what is going on with Laura.

The Aftermath...
Jax comforts Kate after her tragedy. Things seem lost between Sonny and herself. Sonny and Claudia work together to destroy Anthony. Ric in jealousy over Sonny and Claudia, undermines the duo's plans to go against Anthony. Suprisingly Nikolas and Claudia find an odd kinship with one another, Nadine now fears that her insecurity gave an opportunity for another woman to slip in. Claudia pisses off Olivia. Olivia blames Sonny. Olivia sees Sonny and Claudia and gets the wrong idea. Patrick operates on Kate's spine. Monica informs Sonny that their is a chance of paralysis. Kate's seems on the road to recovery. Olivia tells an unconscious Kate that she will keep the secret that they share. She vows that Sonny will never know about his son. Meet Dante. Sonny demands that Jason kill Karpov but Jason refuses. Sonny attacks Karpov when he arrives at the hospital. Kate tells Patrick that Sonny has a son...with Olivia. She wants Patrick to know just in case she dies because Olivia will never tell him herself. At the same time, Olivia is shown on the phone with Dante outside in the hallway.

Super Soap Weekend...
A big announcement will be made about an ex-ABC soap actor making an appearance at SSW.
"General Hospital" SSW official list

Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli)

Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara)

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer)

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine)

Jason Cook (Matt Hunter)

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber)

Kelly Monaco (Samantha McCall)

Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones)

Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake)

Laura Wright (Carly Jax)

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