Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spoilers 9/4

Quartermaines... Wally was approached about a permanent return, he may return but not until Spring 2009. Expect to see other Q's returning for short stints.

Skate... Rumors say that the wedding is being taped this week, expect to see most of PC attending. Everything is going by until a sniper shoots. The episode ends with someone walking in on Anthony disabling a rifle uttering something like "looks like you caught me." What's not clear is if this is a complete red herring and someone else is really to blame. Sonny and Kate vow to be honest with one another for the rest of their lives and re-commit to their future. Olivia hits town w/ a secret or two.

JoLu... Laura tells Lulu to leave the country. Johnny's jury reaches a verdict. Lulu refuses to go anywhere without Johnny and demands that someone make that happen. Lulu is shocked when she learns that Johnny will be facing the death penalty.Lulu promises that Johnny will not pay for what she didTo Johnny's horror Scott attacks Lulu on the stand and Lulu makes a shocking confession. Lucky and Nikolas have very diffrent reactions to Lulu's testimony.Nikolas is more dtermined than ever to help Lulu and vows that Scott will pay for putting Lulu on the stand. Laura has every intention on seeing her boys but she may slip back before she can.

CarJax... Carly takes Morgan and leaves. Jax keeps Carly at a distance.

Drug Ring... Matt realizes that there are poisoned drugs as well as fakes.

Liason... Jason continues to push Liz away. Liz asks Jason for one more night together because she has an escalating sense of foreboding. Still the rumors out there that Liz is in a accident and suffers from amnesia...
Rumored Liason Breakdown:
Jason pushes Liz away on the 11th. The explosion at the clinic is on the 12th and Jason cannot get through to Liz's cell phone and goes to find her. He finds her at the hospital and they discuss the importance of Jake knowing his paternity is on the 15th. The sex is on the 19th, the goodbye is on the 22nd. And the accident is on the 24th.

Nikadine... Nadine gets a stunning offer from Nik.

Scrubs... Patrick reaches out to Robin and tells her he doesn't want their present decisions to come back and haunt them or their child down the line. The rumored birth date is oct 29

Claudia... Sonny tells Claudia the only reason she's not happy is because she won't allow herself to be. Claudia is in the hospital after a roadside bomb.

LuSam... Sam tells Lucky that the only thing she envies about Liz is being Jake and Cameron's mother.

Alexis... Trevor and Alexis have an interesting conversation about history repeating itself.

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