Monday, September 8, 2008

Spoilers 9/8

The Wedding... Rumors say that Sonny and Kates wedding starts on Sept 26th and ends in a blood bath on Sept 30th. Three people are shot and one dies (or do they?). Another is kidnapped before they even reach the wedding, which leads to this actor/actress going on a involuntary hiatus.This will trigger a mystery and a mob war that should last through the new year. Kate is rumored to be Shot, and the secret that is exposed is about a child. sonny and kate reunite thanks to olivia being in town, at first kate is furious then sonny explain to her why he brought Olivia in town which touch Kate deeply and she gives in then they make love and promise each other to never keep anything from each other, you'll see a shot of olivia listening their convo with a smile on her face because she knows Kate is lying to Sonny, she has a huge secret that sonny doesnt know about. Alexis is rumored to warn Sonny that she feels like something will happen at the wedding but he just brushes off.. Looks like Alexis is right because Kate is shot. Kate will be in the hospital for about two weeks. Olivia keeps her mouth shut at the wedding but she torture kate a lot, once sonny will almost walk in on them talking about the secret, i dont know exactly what the scret is but the hints dropped make it sound like something kate did to someone that got her in trouble so much that she had to change her identity.

JoLu... Johnny tells Claudia that Lulu is the most important thing in his life and they will have a future.Nikolas and Claudia differ on what is best for their siblings.Claudia wants Nik to help her keep their siblings apart. Nik vows that he will not do anything that will hurt his sister. Lulu confesses and Johnny tries to get Nik, which in turn gets Jason, to get her out of the country. Luke will return before she goes anywhere. And when he finds out that Mr. Baldwin really killed Rick Webber - watch out. The old Luke will be back and he will be mad as hell.

Liason... Something happens to Liz that is why she doesn't attend the wedding. Lets just say Karpov kept his promise to Jason. Good dates for Liason9/11 9/12 9/15 9/18 9/19 9/24 and 9/30

Tracy... Rumors say they may be giving Tracy a long lost daughter. Who knows it could be Olivia???

Ric... Ric turns down sex w/ Claudia but there relationship will get interesting. They'll go on a date and then go to Skate's wedding together.

Scrubs... Patrick will discover tht Noah had an affair with a nurse while married to his mom, this news will shake him a lot and robin tries to comfort him. Anna and Robin are both there for him. Noah did not know about Matt at all. Patrick is feeling down and robin tells him that she will marry him while they discuss Noah. expect this in two weeks.

LuSam... LuSam are on TWF.

CarJax... Carly is rumored to become pregnant she will go to the sperm bank to receive Jax's sperm.

Spixie... Maxie wants to move in with Spinelli on a permanent basis.

Rumored Breaking News:

Steve Burton has decided to depart the role as the glorified mobster, Jason Morgan. His last air date is scheduled for September 30th. And a familiar question will have its final answer, "Would you die for love?" Whether you loved or hated his character, he has been an intrical part of the General Hospital family. It has been a difficult decision for him and he will genuinely be missed by his cast, crew, and adoring fans.


Lisazig said...

What year is he departing

Sami said...

IF it is true and thats a big IF he's departing this year.. But IMO its just a rumor...

mikivy said...

I've thought this for a long time that Spinelli is going to end up being Sonny's son... just because of the dynamics between them and Sonny not liking Spinelli. Your possible spoilers are helping to fuel my speculation!! If Jason does get shot or dies... it would explain other rumors of Sonny going back to his "mob ways" or as the leader again. YOUR SITE IS AWESOME! thanks.