Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steve Burton

SOW: Making Money Through Monavie

An article that details some facts about Monavie and Steve's part in it. The more you sell, the higher you move up in the Active Distributor Rank. In 2007 there was an average of 13,451 distributors who were paid weekly and the average weekly income was $37. The highest rank is the Imperial Black Diamond which SBu reportedly reached when he started getting serious about selling it last year. An insider tells SOW that he's made over $450,000 this year. He goes out three times a week doing tastings. He's so into it. SBu has been heard to say that being a soap star gets people to listen to him, but if they don't want to buy it, they won't buy it.

With SBu's contract up in November, rumors continue to intensify that he's out later this year. A rep for GH says "no comment." A source tells SOW that SBu has saved up enough money from selling Monavie and his public appearances which can net up to $10,000 a weekend, to change careers if he wants to. SBu has seen the non-soap life happen for his friends Scott and Melissa Reeves and he's made no secret about wanting to move his family out of L.A., someday. Insiders tell SOW that it's the GH salary, not his desire to be a TV star, that's keeping him at GH. His departure would leave holes both on air and in the cast. BA says that if Steve were to leave, it would be a big deal for GH. His whole experience at GH has been built around him, in a sense. It'd be strange to play Spin without Steve as Jason. But he has heard no concrete plans about him leaving. He's not much of a talker, so he's not going to stir it up. He's a pretty classy guy, so he doesn't think he'd wave that in front of anybody.

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