Thursday, October 30, 2008

Audition Script

From Ravensbeauty:

"An audition script was just released today for the role of Chris. Because
we are not legally permitted to copy and paste the script word for word or link
to it, I will summarize as I normally do so that you get the meat and potato's
of the script. Keep in mind that on occasion, they will reuse an old script or
use a scene that once aired which has what they are looking for when casting a
new role. In that case we won't get spoilers, however we will get an idea of
who's coming and what they are looking for in that person.The scene opens in
Carly's living room. Chris is there because he is working for Carly as her
bodyguard. He is described as charming, flirtatious, arrogant and hiding a
secret yet to unfold. The script states that Carly and Chris have slept together
and that Chris realizes that it was a big mistake. Carly hurries in happy to see
him. Carly asks if he's been waiting long. Chris tells her that he's paid to
wait. Carly says that she will make it up to him since it's no fun waiting for
anyone and asks how he feels about frozen pizza. Chris tells her that he tries
not to. Carly says "don't be like that, I'm asking you to dinner." Chris reminds
her that he's paid to guard her not eat with her. Carly shoots back that he
wasn't paid to sleep with her either, but he didn't mind that one. Chris says that he apologized for that one already. That he was out of line and it was wrong. Carly tells him that she doesn't want his apology. Chris says that's because she wants him to sleep with her again and it's not going to happen. Carly leans in and says "what if I pay extra"? Chris can see that he's hurt Carly. The side notes state that this upsets him and make him angry at himself and the situation he's created. Chris asks her why she can't let this go and Carly says "because I like you thats why. " Chris turns from her and says that his life is complicated and that it's got nothing to do with her.Carly reminds him that he lives alone and has no family so how complicated can things be. Chris is obviously frustrated and tells her that he has to remain detached or he becomes useless. That he is not what she wants anyway and to leave him the hell alone. That he is not her ex husband. That he might be almost as crazy as Sonny, but definitely not as rich. To just leave him alone. Carly assures him that he is not a substitute for anyone with Chris telling her that she has no idea who he really is. Scene ends. "

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