Friday, October 17, 2008

Spoilers 10/17

**Rumors L&L2 and JaSam are coming, couples getting mixed for sweeps. SB and TPTB had a meeting. He has agreed to do what is best for the show and put aside what he wants. Look for former soap kid Bryan Buffington to play a guy from Nadine's past. He should start airing the beginning of december. An actress may very well be taking her out in february and the plan now is to recast a role most would say is unrecastable, but fresh meat is cheaper in the acting biz this actress ruffled her screen partners feathers since she has been so insistent on a new pairing.

Sebastian Roche... Is out for the role of Jerry Jacks. He is done taping, but he will still be on for about 2 1/2 weeks. Jerry is rumored to die when he attempts to rape Sam.

Nikadine... Not meant to be long term.

Slaudia/Skate/Dante... Anthony tells Sonny to start showing up in public with Claudia so they go to Robin's wedding. Kate thinks revealing Dante to Sonny will ruin Anthony's plan so Olivia takes drastic measures to keep Kate from Sonny. Sonny walks away from Kate for her own protection, tells her to live the life she deserves then he agress to marry Claudia.

Jolu... Lulu will get stronger. They will not be together until December, at the earliest. Lulu embarks on a big adventure with her parents. Johnny goes searching for her. Johnny puts them in more danger.

Luke/Laura/Tracy/Scott... Scotty uses blackmail to gain Laura's love back. Laura tries to find the good in Scott. Luke struggles to not be jealous of Scotty and Laura. Tracy fears she's going to lose Luke for good.

Scrubs... Patrick ends up having to operate on someone in wheel chair and shows up a little late. Robin has faith that he will be there. Robin and Patrick discuss who to invite and he has no issue with her inviting Jason. While Patrick is doing his rounds, he runs into Olivia. He discusses his fears with her. And she tells him that if he chickens out, he will regret it for the rest of his life. He asks her to come and he leaves to get to the wedding. Robin holds her baby then goes into a coma. Patrick struggles to keep faith. Surprising people come to support Patrick. Patrick is scared to bond with his newborn child.

Clic... Ric is not going to be happy about he Sonny/Claudia MOC. He will be battling his brother once again and losing. He will maintain his relationship with Claudia, hoping to keep one step ahead of his brother. Unfortunately, she is not all too happy with him knowing about AZ plan and not filling her in. So, she is not giving up any info on Sonny.

LuSam... Sam is in Jail Jerry planted drugs at her place. Lucky walks out on her and Alexis doesn't believe her. Alexis doesn't believe her when she catches Sam and Jerry together. In fact, she doesn't believe a word from Sam. And believes Jerry.

SoLiv... Sonny will despise her when he finds out about Dante.

Liason... Today, Jason tells Liz he fell cause he was looking at her and how beautiful she is. Jason fights the urge to give in to Elizabeth's demands. Elizabeth and Jason make love but later another big event ruin the possibilities for them AGAIN. Jason's life is in danger

CarJax... Jax will be free. But Carly will be in danger and he will want to help her.

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