Monday, October 20, 2008

Spoilers 10/20

**Rumors.... Rewrites are in progress, with new directions for Sonny, Jax, Kate, Carly, Nikolas, Claudia. One, possibly two actors will exit in December. One who's contract extension ends & the other at the end of a cycle, despite 2 yrs remaining on their current contract.

The Wedding... Patrick arrives in the nick of time after caring for AZ, unfortunatly the wedding doesn't get finished before baby Drake desides to come. Patrick walks in and robin's water breaks. They don't even make it to the altar. Water breaking is the first segment on Friday. Patrick makes an important medical decision for Robin. Week of Nov 10th.

The Explosion... Sonny learns about Dante from Kate. Sonny and Olivia are arguing and there is an explosion.Lucky forgoes the badge this time around and looks the other way while Jason goes after Jerry and he gets Sam out. Jason and Jerry are left behind when there is an explosion.Maxie follows Spinelli--who's followed Jason--when there is an explosion. They are caught in the aftermath of the explosion.Sonny, Olivia, Lucky, Sam, Jason, Maxie and Spinelli are at the hospital after the first explosion.Patrick will be juggling sitting with Robin and sitting with his baby girl waiting for news on both.Second Explosion hits.

Jerry... Jerry is believed to be dead. The kicker is that when all is said in done, someone recieves an anonymous message, letting them know that he's not as gone as some think and he may return again someday.

JaSam... Rumors say Sam and Jason discuss Sam's daughter on the anniversary. They talk about the baby at the PH. Jason leaves for a meeting. Sam goes to her baby's grave. Week of Nov. 3rd.

Liason... Elizabeth will be at her studio painting when the building explodes.

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