Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spoilers 10/25

The following people are at the wedding:

Kemo/GV...They are very happy with Kelly and her new pairing with Greg. Lucky and Sam continue to get support from thier fans and have gained some at GH. JFP is one of them. She was very amused by the fiesta party thrown by fans of Lucky and Sam.

Kelly and Greg have the full support at GH. Look for other surprises at this year's SSW. Thier fans should enjoy their entrance.

LuSam/Liason... Robin's condition with the baby leads to a discussion of Baby Lila between Sam and Jason when Jason realizes that Robin's problems with the baby are similar to Sam's still birth. Let the Jasam bonding commence. Of course, if you're a LnL2 fan, you'll see some bonding between these two as well when Lucky returns back after spending time with Laura. By the end of sweeps though, it will be business as usual for Lusam and Liason. Matt drives Patrick there but doesn't stay because he's not dressed for it.

Claudia tells Ric about the close call MOC with Jason and what she did when Az had the stroke. They also argue about both. They also talk about sonny and you should take charge. They do sleep together after she marries sonny

Others... Nadine remembers something important and tells Lucky.

Jax abandons his plot to buy out Spoon Island from Nik.

Karpov discovers Jerry and Sam's deception.

Carly convinces Sonny to wait on his plans for revenge.

Jason interupts a fight between Ric and Claudia.

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