Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spoilers 10/29

***There will be NO February sweeps this year, Sweeps will be in March instead.

Comings&Goings... Rewrites are in progress, with new directions for Sonny, Jax, Kate, Carly, Nikolas, Claudia. One, possibly two actors will exit in December. One who's contract extension ends & the other at the end of a cycle, despite 2 yrs remaining on their current contract.

Spencer Family Adventure... Lucky comes back to pc first the Spencers will be gone for half of sweeps .Tracy is with them for most of it but then comes back to pc. Laura and Tracy will share scenes. Nadine shows up Week of Nov 3rd. Her mode of transportation is interesting.

Scrubs... Patrick makes an important medical decision for Robin. Week of Nov 10th. The Patrick at the bar scenes happen the day before the wedding not the day of the wedding and yes it is all about him worrying about him becoming his dad and wondering if it be best that he didn't marry Robin. Then the day of the wedding he gets sidetracked because of hte surgery. The build-up to the wedding/birth is about Patrick worrying whether he will turn out like his father. He gets some advice from Olivia that calms him and then Robin goes into labor and has complications. Goes into a coma and he has to really show himself that he won't end up like his father because right after the baby is born he is faced not only with the possibility Robin may die but the baby could get sick. That is why so much time is spent on his POV comparatively to Robin's the week of the wedding. That is also why Robin has complete faith in him. To show that she believes in him that he will be there no matter what.

LuSam... Sam moves into the Spencer house, her PH goes BOOM Nov 14. Lusam will have trust issues, he ran out on her Sam has a hard time trusting people because she has been burned, they do the angsty thing and it takes time at least as far as the "plan" is although could change

Jasam... They talk about the baby at the PH. Jason leaves for a meeting. Sam goes to her baby's grave. Week of Nov. 3rd. Sam goes missing. That is the last Jason/Sam scene. Nov. 10th. Until Sam/Jerry/Lucky scenes week of Nov 17th.

Jerry... Jerry is believed to be dead. The kicker is that when all is said in done, someone recieves an anonymous message, letting them know that he's not as gone as some think and he may return again someday.Seems Guza is leaving some doors open.

Dante... Sonny finds out he has a son through Claudia. Olivia and Kate are arguing and Claudia eavesdrops. I think they are in the hospital because Claudia has a moment with her father there and she's angry. She finds Sonny and he's going off "bitterly" about bastard children. She tells him about Dante.Olivia won't be leaving before December. Sonny will be mad at her for not telling about Dante and going off on her more than once. I have him also angry at Kate and that seems to be the focus for him.

Liason... Liz mostly has hospital scenes. She has a few scenes coming up with Jason. After Jason saves Sam, Liz sees the two interact as they are discussing Karpov and Jerry and gets jealous because she doesn't realize that Sam has let Jason in on her undercover secret. Jason wants to help Sam because at this point, Lucky is off with the Spencers. Sam doesn't turn him down because she can use the helping hand.

Sweeps Happenings... One couple will get engaged, One couple that dislike he each will get married, One triangle will be formed, One love will be lost, One love will be found, One young couple will be married, Two couples will get pg but only one baby will be born, Two secrets will be revealed, New alliances will be formed while old ones are destroyed.

Sweeps is focused on Luke and Laura, Robin and Patrick and the Mob. Well mainly the mob. From what I was told, we will probably get Sonny and Carly having family moments in December. They aren't together but they will be reconnecting.

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