Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spoilers 10/4

I hope everyone has had a good long weekend and I'll try to update you on the gh happenings.

*Daytime Confidential is reporting that Sebastian Roche is staying put.

Rumors... NS3 begins in February, and that their are a few surprises that are in store. Kelly Monaco hurt her ankle a little more seriously than was reported. She has a stand in for 1 full day of GH. The stand in will be in scenes with SR and GV.

Sweeps Explosion... Olivia and Sonny will be trapped together.Carly and Nik will be trapped together.Nadine will be looking for Nik and get in trouble.Spinelli, Matt and Maxie will work together to get free.Sam, Lucky and Jerry are together.Sonny and Jason eventually work together out of necessity.Scrubs are nowhere near an explosion.

Clic... Claudia is upset with Ric when she finds out that Ric was complicit in AZ shooting Kate, she finds out she's pregnant and doesn't want Ric to be the baby's father.

CarJax... Carly gets jealous of Jax's new, hot lawyer. Nik warns Jax not to go after Spoon Island.

Scrubs Wedding... Maxie invites Jason to Robin's wedding.

MobWar? Sonny sees Ric as a challenge to his position in AZ's organization and agrees to the whole scam because he really wants his mob boss title back but has some second thoughts when he finds out that he a son that was hidden from him. Jason is working with Claudia. Claudia is playiing Ric to take the business from Anthony.Sonny and Kate are headed for a break. Sonny is busy with Claudia, Anthony and Jason.Olivia's presence on the canvas will decline to make way for Sonny/Claudia.

Moc... Claudia discuss a MOC with Sonny in front of Ric and Ric gets mad, then Claudia goes to Sonny to talk about possibly being forced to marry and Sonny's like ''oh hell no!'', this hurt Claudia a lot and remind her that she is about to be forced in a marriage with a man that doesnt like her much, then she goes to Jason and propose this plan, at first Jason is totally dismissive of it all but the one thing that will make him accept will be when Claudia says'' My father will force Sonny to completely turn against you and everyone you care about, marrying me will be his true way in but if i'm already married then my father's plan is ruined''.

J-lex... Alexis walks in on Sam and Jerry kissing. But both he and Sam make it clear to Alexis that it was a game. Alexis may not forgive him, but she believes that Jerry and Sam were conning each other.

Skate... Kate goes home with Sonny, which makes Olivia is furious.

Maximus... Maximus leaves town.Diane helps Max get out of a Jam.

LuSam... Sam and Lucky dont break up. They fight. Lucky leaves and comes back. Sam's gone.
Rumors say Sam goes after Jerry and thats where the Rape takes place. Sam does everything she can to get Lucky to forgive her. Sam makes an unholy alliance with Jerry while at the PCPD on Fri 10/24. Lucky walks in at the tail end of it. He tells her he came to offer help but it looks like she doesn't need any. Jerry eggs him on and Lucky flips, throwing Jerry out. Lucky is upset with Sam and thinks she is drawn to Jerry. He even questions Sam's part in the investigation. Sam is hurt that he would doubt her but he believes she faltered along the way. He bails her out and then leaves town.

L&L/Lunacy.... Luke and Laura will not be decimated. Luke's moved on with Tracy and Laura figures it out. Laura isn't going to be really happy with Luke. She is going to be unhappy with his disconnect from their children, when they needed him most, she is also well aware of Luke and Tracy's connection, and Laura is going to be turning to her children for support. Hope you aren't too disappointed with how things come about, Laura loves Luke and he loves her, but they both will recognize that their love for one another has changed in significant ways.

JaSam... Jason and Sam share scenes everyday beginning Tues, Oct 28 to Friday, Oct 31.

Jaudia... Jason is going to start trusting Claudia. It's all business but Jason doesn't trust easily. He will trust her completely. Her info is good. The deal is when he takes out AZ that he will allow her to take over as long as she doesn't interfere with his business.

Liason... Liz does find out about Jason almost marrying Claudia. Maxie spills at Robin's wedding.

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