Monday, October 6, 2008

Spoilers 10/6

Skate... Olivia doesn't want Kate returning to Sonny's house when she is released. Sonny overhears Olivia on the phone with Dante, but remains clueless as to who the caller is.Olivia is frantic that Dante might make good on his threat to come to PC.Kate is made aware by Olivia that she spilled their secret to her doctor. Olivia moves in with Kate.

Sweeps... It is rumored that no one will die during sweeps.

Dante... Dante comes to town just in time to see his father "die" and just like the older Corinthos, he wants revenge.Depending on whether MB re-signs his contract will depend on who knew about it, especially Kate and Elizabeth (sound familiar?).Dante gets mixed up with both Maxie and Lulu and brings out the old jealousy game between these two.

CarJax... Carly creates tension between Jax and Nik. Jax considers selling his shares of the MC to Jerry.

Scrublette... The babies name will not be Hunter but Drake Related

Scrubs... Maxie is overjoyed when Robin asks her to be Maid of Honor.Patrick tries to be discreet when discussing his dilemma with Coleman, but it takes Coleman all but a minute to find out exactly who Patrick is talking about.

Clic... Claudia and Ric realize they might have more then a casual relationship.

Liason... Jason is conflicted about Elizabeth. Sonny finds out that Jason and Elizabeth have been meeting in secret.Jason helps out Max. Jason catches Sonny screaming at Liz.

Jolu... Lulu is touched by Maxie's gesture.Luke returns to an angry Tracy.Johnny continues to be reckless, while Maxie pleads Lulu's case to Johnny.

LuSam... Lucky is rumored to move in with Sam.

Olivia challenges Sonny to walk away from Kate.Jason orders Cody to keep tabs on Sonny.Karpov receives information about Sam.Jason tells Liz she is too naive about the business.Nik looses his cool with Nadine's antics.Cameron surprises Sam and Lucky.

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