Friday, October 3, 2008

Spoilers 9/3 updated @4est

Updates: Rumors say Nadine dies in November due to a case of Mistaken Identity. Looks like someone mistakes Nadine for someone else, the only person I can think of is Lulu or Liz. Theres more of a resemblence to Lulu but Liz makes more sense.

LuSam... This week will have lots of LuSam love and genuine conversation for them. The following week, not so good as Sam is busy avoiding Jerry's advances in the hot tub only to be discovered by both Alexis and Lucky. Week of Oct 20th, however, Lucky will surprise everyone in how he decides to help Sam.

JaSam... Rumor is that Someone tries to kill Sam and Jason saves her. It's probably fanfic unfortunatly but I'll keep you posted.

Liason... Week of Oct 20th, we're back to the bad, Jason realizes why he cant let his heart make decisions.

Nikadine... Nik and Nadine continue to progress and have sex again.

LuMax... Look for Lulu and Maxie to strengthen into a good friendship. Sorry couldn't come up with a better Squish Name!

Spixie... Maxie will continue to be the big relationship/friendship in Spinelli's life and that doesn't change but he will be a bit more involved with Lulu to the degree that Maxie asks for his help in helping Lulu.

Skate... Olivia confides in Kate about her perception of the Claudia/Sonny relationship.

The Zacharras... Ric begins to disagree with Claudia and Anthony and what and who Johnny needs in his life

Jolu... Lulu admits to Luke that she feels like she failed him and it seems like her father by her side are just what Lulu needs to get back up.

Scrubs... Finding out about Matt's connection to Patrick makes Maxie want to make a him a part of Patrick/Robin's wedding

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