Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11/5 Spoilers

L&L... Luke and Lulu discuss Laura. Tracy overhears them and hears that Luke would have followed Laura anywhere. Up until that point she was very happy becuase she thought Luke stayed for her. This breaks her heart and she tells Luke it's over. He ignores that and returns to the Q mansion where he asks Big A for some help in getting alone time with Tracy. Luke then explains he loves both women but sees his future with Tracy. However, she does not believe him and declares the marriage over. Alan makes another appearance. Luke says goodbye to Laura, but that might not be enough for Tracy.Nik, Lucky and Lulu share tender moments with their mother.

Scrubs... Matt and Patrick will start to bond. Robin and Patrick take Emma home. The only pairing on GH that could be considered rock solid. They'll continue on as they are now for the most part. No romantic third party angst is planned or even being discussed. Their baby and Patrick's family is their story for the foreseeable future.

Liason... Elizabeth gives Jason an ultimatum.

LuSam... Sam and Lucky will discuss the possibility of having children together.

J-Lex... Alexis gets news about Jerry.

CarJax/Skate... Carly walks into a trap.Sonny kills Karpov, and someone witnesses the murder. Rumros say that it is Olivia witnesses it and a MOC might come out of it. Olivia tries to convince Kate to come to Brooklyn.Jax pulls the rug out from under Nik. Jax may just be involved in Nik's green card being revoked. Skate came thisclose to being scrapped altogether. As of 2 months ago they where all but done. I'm sure this comes as no surpise given what is currently unfolding onscreen with talk of a Claudia MOC and MW's significantly decreased airtime. But there is Good News for SKate Fans. Things have taken a huge turn recently and they are again the longterm plan. Expect to see the switch onscreen as swiftly as you saw the downturn for them.

Nikadine... Nadine offers Nik a way out of his legal woes. MOC anyone?? Nadine may just marry Nik so that he will stay in PC.

JaSam... Nothing definite has been decided but Jasam is a strong possibilty at this point. They are a clear favorite of Frons and he is pushing them heavily. There's all kinds of backstage politics involved with this one, but even still a lot will depend on ratings during their push onscreen.

JoLu... Look for Dante to be thrown in the mix with a possible triangle developing.

Rumors... Jasam are not coming. Liason and Lusam will not last out the year. Jasam will be used as a plot point to wreck Liason and Lusam and then their interaction will stop. Guza feels that the quad has done him no favors and he wants it gone as if it never happened. Expect all 4 members to move in new directions:Lucky into a triangle with Nik and NadineThey will tease Liz as 3rd party angst for Scrubs but the plan is to create a hospital fab four with Liz/Matt and ScrubsThey specifically mentioned that Dante was 25 for a reason. He is not for Lulu. He is for Sam.Jason will have a brief flirtation with Claudia but they will not go there because of Michael. If SB does what TPTB actually expect him to do, regardless of what he has been saying, and commits to re-sign, they will bring on someone new for him. And regardless of what most fans think, SBu does want a pairing.The possibility of a paternity change for Jake is on the table as he will be the last remnant of the quad once Guza is done crushing it.


Mikeslikb said...

Thanks for the update! You've got the best, usually most accurate spoilers!

Guza needs to be really careful in going about Jason and Sam's reunion if that's the case. He work so hard, as we all know, to destroy the very popular pairing. Is this man going to learn from his mistakes ever?

If the Jason/Sam/Lucky/Elizabeth thing is over, I will be sad to see Lucky and Sam perish because they worked well as a couple. But I also would be interested in a new direction for all characters involved. And Jake becoming Lucky's biological son is something I've wanted from the beginning!

I just hope the ratings aren't killed and the show gets better, quality wise.

mikeslikb said...

By the way, I prefer just being able to read the spoilers etc. without having to click on another link.

My internet doesn't always work the best and it takes longer. Just to let you know.