Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard!

Since NBC agreed to have Days of Our Lives renewed till 2011, Drake Hogestyn(John) and Deidre Hall(Marlena) have been fired. Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip) managed to clear out and return saying "It was all just a stupid misunderstanding." Peter Reckall (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) agreed to take massive pay cuts. Also in the near future were expected to see a lot more actors leaving as well as taking pay cuts. It was really nice to see Peter and Kristian agreeing to take pay cuts in order for their show to succeed. Being a sports fan like myself it reminds me when Patriots QB Tom Brady took a pay cut in order for the Patriots to sign WR Randy Moss. Hopefully you all know how that turned out. If you haven't heard I'll tell you. the New England Patriots ended the season with a perfect regular season record of (16-0) with a Superbowl appearance. They may not have won but it was sure one hell of a season. Now after my irrelevant banter back to the point. Hopefully, Days of Our Lives will have as much success with their changes.

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