Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spoilers 11/11

The Cabin... After Jason arrives at the Cabin Jason and Sam go look for Jake. Liz can't leave because she has Cam. Lucky arrives at the cabin on December 1st and Liz tells him everything that happened from them getting followed, her killing someone to save Sam and Jake being taken. Lucky takes Cam and Liz home. Jason and Sam return to PC because they don't have any leads. Jason will console Liz.

Scrubs: The Dream: Robin, Liz, Coleman, Piph, Matt, Lainey, Carly, Kelly. Leyla and alive Alan will be in Pat's dream. The dream opens with Pat and Leyla in the locker room and they are hugging. Robin walks in and they meet for the first time. That is the only time Pat is with Leyla in that sense. He is with Liz afterwards. He is shown to be somewhat of a player in the dream. Robin is dating Matt.

Matt/Maxie... Matt will drop by and check on Maxie the week of the 17th. Remember she was drugged by the russians.

Slaudia/CarJax/Skate... Sonny and Claudia get married while Claudia continues to be involved with Ric. Trevor taunts Ric about Claudia's new husband. Sonny and Claudia begin to bond, Ric is insecure and Kate is heartbroken. Olivia and Claudia go toe to toe. Claudia begins to be possesive over Sonny. Ric eggs on Sason's seperation. Johnny begins to worry for Claudia. Johnny warns Anthony what will happen if he's using Claudia for his game. Claudia learns Anthony shot Kate. Claudia calls Ric out on his betrayal and ends it with him. People become suspicious about Dante. Jax is devestated and Kate and Jax turn to eachother. Carly is heartbroken. Ric acts out and causes repercussions to Dante and Johnny. Kate gives Olivia an ultimatum. Olivia comes clean about Dante. Jax leaves. Sonny attempts to get to known a son who wants nothing to do with him. Claudia and Sonny bond over Johnny and Dante. Sonny mourns his relationship with Kate, Kate gets a shock. Carly and Nikolas bond and Nadine steps up to the plate. Anthony blackmails Claudia over Michael's shooting to keep her in line with Sonny. Alexis and family are used as a pawn against Ric. Ric attempts to man up to protect them. Johnny and Dante clash.

Spencer... The Spencer family adventure should be done this week when Laura moves to France for treatment. Atleast there still leaving it open for returns.

Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving day will be a re-run.

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