Monday, November 17, 2008

Spoilers 11/17

**Thanksgiving Thursdays episode will be skate's wedding, and no GH on Black Friday**

Spixie... When Spinelli vows revenge against the Russians, Jason realizes more than ever that Jake is better off with Lucky.

LuSam... Lucky wants Sam to stay at home under protection.

Sonny... Sonny saves Olivia and they rekindle the past.

Jax... Jax and Kate team up.

Liason... Liz tells Jason she will not back down.

Nikadine... Nadine accepts Nik's proposal.

Jolu... John and Lulu spend a night together.

JaSam... Jason won't shoot Sam as previous reported the scene has been changed.

Slaudia... Sonny will learn Claudia's position in Michael's shooting.

Scrubs... Scrubs will get a Christmas wedding!

RoadTrip... After the shootout at the warehouse, Jason calls Liz to tell her he's coming over. Sam calls Lucky to meet her at Liz's house. Jason informs Liz/Lucky what is exactly going on. This is when they decide the women should leave PC. The Russians follow Jason and Sam to Elizabeth's house.

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