Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spoilers 11/18

Liason... Liz will be going through all sorts of pain during Sweeps. She deals with the aftermath of her murdering a man, and Jake being kidnapped. She will push everyone away blaming herself and will do everything she can to try to protect Cameron. Liz tries to look for Jake on her own. Rumors say Jake will be home in time for Liz to attend Scrubs wedding. Jason kills Sasha. Rumors say The FBI will assist in Jake's disappearance. Mark Pinter will play Agent Rayner. The FBI agent is curious as to why Jason Morgan cares about Jake. Elizabeth vows to never repeat the same mistakes. Jason telling Liz that it is too dangerous for him to be near her or her kids. She agrees but also says it seems there will never be a good time for them. A lot more rumors that Jake's paternity will be changed. Hearing that it will be revealed after Jake is returned and Liz is just as surprised as everyone else. Liz won't be the same after Jake is kidnapped she will finally realize what being apart of Jason's life truly means. Olivia goes to LIz's house after she learns that Jake has been kidnapped. Olivia will tell her that Dante's dad is also a mobster and she's been protecting him his whole life. Lots of rumors that LIz will betray Jason by making him believe that Jake is dead... This is supposedly the final nail to the LIason coffin.. I will keep you posted.

Rumor "after Jake is kidnapped everyone will believe he is indeed dead. everyone except Liz and Lucky. They will save Jake and hide him from Jason, to keep him safe. This will be the big 'lie' and 'betrayal' that has been hinted at between Liason and LuSam. This will be the end of both couples leaving Jason and Sam who are already growing closer to end up together.JaSam is coming. It will take a while for them to make their way back to each other but they are coming."

The Mob... Sam goes to Jason wanting to help take down the Russians. Jason tells her no. She goes to Sasha and that is why she is in the warehouse when Jason comes in shooting. He sees her and doesn't shoot. Sam's cover is blown. Jason and Sam head to Liz's house to meet up with Liz/Lucky. This is the whole leave PC bit.Sam,Liz and boys arrive at cabin. A little Sam/Liz bonding. They realize they are in danger, Liz tries to call for help but no phones. Jason Kills Sasha but the violence doesn't end. Sonny believes Jason didn't protect his family. Sonny decides to test his new power. Ric gives Claudia the cold shoulder after the nuptials. Spin finds where he thinks the Russians may have Jake but Sonny's people get there first and Jason is furious they allowed them to escape.

Jolu... Johnny finds a new line of work. Claudia tells Lulu she is the worst thing that could happen to Johnny and Johnny will end up hating her one day.

Skate/CarJax... Kate and Jax comfort each other after Kate confronts Olivia. Carly wants Kate's magazine. Currently hearing that the direction for Kate is Jax and Sonny be with Carly or Olivia. Kate and Jax will form a sex-buddy relationship they will hit the sheets again before the 15th. Carly will stop contesting the divorce and sign the papers the week of the 15th. Carly will tell Sonny what she saw.

Spixie... Johnny tells Spinelli to watch out. Maxie accuses Lulu to making everyone live up to her standards.

Scrubs... Patrick is not enthusiastic about Robin returning to work quickly. In a reversal, Robin is the one who doesn't get to the church on time. Robert and Robin have a long talk about her marriage and Emma. It's supposed to be a heartwarming tearjerker. Robert will attend the wedding and walk Robin down the aisle. Then he will go back to Switzerland with Anna.

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